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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 15 - Money from Father

Scene Description


Marge: What am I doing wrong?

Jake: You're lining it up a little wrong, Marge.

[to Baby] If your mother ever leaves me, it'll be for Arnold Palmer.

Baby: Daddy, someone's in trouble.

Jake [to Baby]: Besides your mother? [to Marge] Now you're overcorrecting, Marge.

Baby: And you always told me if someone was in trouble, I should try to help. Could you lend me $250?

Jake: Are you all right, Baby? Are you in some kind of trouble?

Baby: No, no, it's not me. Could you loan it to me?

Jake: That's a lot of money, Baby. What's it for?

Marge: Baby, stand up straight.

Baby: I can't tell you. It's hard for me to say that to you, but I can't. You always said you could tell me anything. I can't tell you this.

Jake: It's not illegal, is it?

Baby: No, Daddy.

Jake: That was a stupid thing to ask. Forgive me. I'll have it for you before dinner.

Marge: Is everything all right?

Jake: Fine.

Baby: Thanks, Daddy.

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