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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 08 - Activities By Lake

Scene Description


Activities Director: Ladies, join our hair-raising wig show. Try your Sandra Dee, Jackie Kennedy. or Elizabeth Taylor-Cleopatra wig.

Card Player 1: I'll knock with three.

Card Player 2: Look at that cute fella.

Card Player 3: Look at these hands. They're golden hands.

Activities Director: My God, it's Cleopatra! I feel like such an "asp".

You look ten years younger.

At 10:15 by the pool, we have calisthenics. Then on the west porch, we have a symposium by Rabbi Maurice Sherman. on the psychology of insult comedians.

Robbie (to Lisa): So I say, "Ask not what your waiter can do for you. but what you can do for your waiter." If tips keep up, I'll have enough for my Alfa Romeo.

Lisa: That's my favorite car.

Johnny: Ladies, you look very lovely.

Lisa: Baby, would you cover for me tonight? Tell Mom and Dad I went to lie down.

Baby: Where are you going?

Lisa: To the golf course. There's a pretty view from the first tee. Good. Thanks.

Baby (to Penny): So you were really a Rockette? I think you're a wonderful dancer.

Penny: Yeah? Well, my mother kicked me out when I was. I've been dancing ever since. It's the only thing I ever wanted to do anyway.

Baby: I envy you.

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