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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 48 - Talent Show

Date of Scene

Sunday, September 1, 1963


Scene Description


Staff Chorus
Kellermans, we come together,
Singing all as one.
We have shared another season's
Talent, play and fun.

Summer days will soon be over,
Soon the autumn starts,
And tonight the memories whisper
Softly in our hearts.

Join hands and hearts and voices --
Voices, hearts and hands.
At Kellerman's the friendships last
Long as the mountain stands.

Daytime, nighttime, any hour --
Weather rain or shine --
Games and lectures.
Jokes and music happily combine.

Jake Houseman
Good luck in medical school, son. And I wanted to thank you for your help with the Penny situation.

Robbie Gould
I guess we've all gotten into messes.

Jake Houseman

Robbie Gould
I thought Baby told you.

Jake Houseman
Look, I'm not sure ...

Robbie Gould
Penny said so, but you know with girls like that. They're liable to pin it on any guy around.

Tito Suarez
(Speaking Yiddish)
Hei, Landsman, vos hert zikh mit dir?

Max Kellerman
(Speaking Yiddish)
Freg nisht.

(Speaking English)
You and me, Tito, We've seen it all, eh? Bubbah and Zeda serving the first pasteurized milk to the boarders. Through the war years when we didn't have any meat. Through the Depression when we didn't have anything.

Tito Suarez
Lots of changes, though, Max.

Max Kellerman
It's not the changes so much this time. It's that it all seems to be ending. You think kids want to come with their parents and take fox-trot lessons? Trips to Europe, that's what the kids want. Twenty-two countries in three days. It feels like it's all slipping away.

Staff Chorus
But the heartbeats of vacation --
There no cares are seen.
So let's join in just one last chorus
Visitors, staff and guests
What we've shared won't be forgotten.
Old friends are the best



The Yiddish conversation between Max and Tito:
Tito Suarez
Hei, Landsman, vos hert zikh mit dir?
?װאָס הערט זיך מיט דיר, מיסטער קעלערמאַן
Hey, compatriot, what's to hear with you?

Max Kellerman
Freg nisht.
.פֿרעג נישט
Don't ask.

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