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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 34 - Rainy Day in Johnny's Cabin

Scene Description


Baby: Have you had many women?

Johnny: What?

Baby: Have you had many women?

Johnny: Baby, come on.

Baby: Tell me. I want to know.

Johnny: No, no. Look, you gotta understand what it's like. Before, you come from the streets, and suddenly you're up here, and then women are throwing themselves at you and they smell so good. They really take care of themselves. I never knew women could be like that. They're so goddamn rich you think they must know about everything. They're slippin' their room keys in my hand two and three times a day -- different women -- so, here I think I'm scorin' big, right? You think, "They wouldn't be doing this if they didn't care about me, right?"

Baby: That's all right. I understand. You were just using them, that's all.

Johnny: No, no, that's not it. That's the thing, Baby. You see, it wasn't like that. They were using me.

What's your real name, Baby?

Baby: Frances, for the first woman in the Cabinet.

Johnny: Frances. That's a real grownup name.

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