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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 03 - Instructions to Male Employees

Scene Description


Baby: Mom, Dad, I'm going up to the main house to look around.

Max: There are two kinds of help here. You waiters are all college guys,.and I went to Harvard and Yale to hire you.. And why did I do that? Why? I shouldn't have to remind you. This is a family place. That means you keep your fingers out of the water, hair out of the soup...and show the goddamn daughters a good time. All the daughters. Even the dogs. Schlepp 'em out to the terrace, show 'em the stars. - Romance 'em any way you want. - Got that, guys?

Hey, hold it! Hold it.

Well, if it isn't the entertainment staff. Listen, wise ass, you got your own rules. Dance with the daughters. Teach 'em the mambo... the cha-cha, anything they pay for.That's it. That's where it ends. No funny business, no conversations, and keep you hands off!

Johnny: It's the same at all these places. Some ass in the woods, maybe, but no conversation.

Max: Watch it, Rodriguez.

Robbie: Do you think you can you keep that straight, Johnny? What you can and can't lay your hands on?

Johnny: Just put your pickle on everybody's plate, and leave the hard stuff to me.

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