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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 09 - Gazebo Dance

Scene Description


Max: Aren't you dancing, Doc?

Marge: We're waiting for a waltz.

Vivian: Hi, Max. Aren't my dance lessons starting to pay off?

Max: You look great, Vivian! Terrific!

(To Jake and Marge) That's Vivian Pressman, one of the bungalow bunnies. That's what we call the women who stay here all week long. The husbands only come up on weekends. Moe Pressman's a big card player. He'll join our game.

(To Vivian) Moe coming up on Friday?

Vivian: Friday.

Max (to Vivian): He's away a lot. I know. It's a hardship.

Neil (to Johnny): Where's Penny? Everybody's been asking for her.

Johnny: What do you mean, where's Penny? She's taking a break. She needs a break.

Neil: As long as it's not an all-night break.

(To Baby) Come on, doll. Let's take a walk.

Song Lyrics



  1. which song is playing during that scene?

  2. I'm STILL trying to find out the answer to that question. Does anyone know what song was playing while Vivian was dancing with Johnny in the gazebo?!?