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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 36 - Dance Lesson (Love Is Strange)

Date of Scene

Saturday, August 31, 1963


Scene Description


Baby Houseman
Two, three, cha-cha-cha.

My space. Where's my pleasing arc?

Spaghetti arms! Would you give me some tension, please?

You're invading my dance space. This is my dance space. That's yours.

Let's cha-cha. Don't look down. Look right here.

(Johnny and Baby mouth the lyrics of "Love Is Strange".)

(Neil Kellerman enters.)

Neil Kellerman
(Addressing Baby)
Baby, taking dance lessons? I could teach you, kid.

(Addressing Johnny)
Johnny, my grandfather put me in charge of the final show. I want to talk to you about the last dance. I'd like to shake things up a bit. You know, move with the times.

Johnny Castle
I've got a lot of ideas. I've been working with the staff kids on a cross between a Cuban rhythm and soul dancing.

Neil Kellerman
Whoa, boy. Way over your head here.

You always do the mambo. Why not dance this year's final dance to the pachenga?

Johnny Castle

Neil Kellerman
Well, you're free to do the same, tired number as last year if you want, but next year we'll find another dance person who'll only be too happy ...

Johnny Castle
Sure, Neil. No problem. We'll end the season with the pachenga. Great idea.

Neil Kellerman
(Addressing Baby)
Sometimes he's hard to talk to, but the ladies seem to like him.

See that he gives you the full half-hour you're paying him for, kid.

Song Lyrics


Yes, Mickey.

How do you call your Lover Boy?

Come here, Lover Boy!

And if he doesn't answer?

Oh, Lover Boy!

And if he still doesn't answer?

I simply say...

Baby, oh baby,
My sweet baby
You're the one.

Love is strange.
Lot of people
Take it for a game.

Once you get it,
You never want to quit.
After you've had it,
You're in an awful fix.

Many people
Don't understand.
They think loving
Is money in the hand.

Your sweet loving
Is better than a kiss.
When you leave me,
Your sweet kisses I miss.


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