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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 00 - Opening Credits

Scene Description

The opening credits of Dirty Dancing are accompanied by the Ronettes singing the song "Be My Baby". The movie's heroine will be called by the nickname Baby.

The credits appear in cursive, shocking-pink handwriting. Although the handwriting's color is feminine, its angularity is masculine. The handwriting is a combination of feminine and masculine.

The movie will portray a young woman who suffers inner conflicts about her femininity.

Behind the handwriting, young couples are dancing in an unfocused, jerky black-and-white. The dancers look ordinary -- not beautiful. In particular, the women have faces that are rather plain. Toward the very end of the credits, the audience sees a beautiful pair of breasts, but the woman's face is hardly seen.

Several of the dance movements show the women being bent backwards so far that their torsos are horizontal -- similar to limbo dancing.

We in the audience see only glimpses of couples doing "dirty dancing." The motion is slow and jerky. We see mostly only the couples' heads, not their entire bodies, and the movements are mostly straight up and down.

The credits inform us the movie is titled Dirty Dancing, and these slow-motion, jerky, dully-colored images give us only an initial, slight image of such dancing.

We do not see actual "dirty dancing" yet, because we are supposed to share Baby Houseman's surprise later in the movie when she (with us) sees "dirty dancing" for the first time.


Be My Baby

The night we met, I knew I needed you so,
And if I had the chance, I'd never let you go.

So, won't you say you love me?
I'll make you so proud of me.
We'll make them turn their heads
Every place we go

So, won't you, please, be my baby?
Be my little baby, my one and only baby.
Say you'll be my darling.
Be my, be my baby.

I'll make you happy, baby,
Just wait and see.
For every kiss you give me,
I'll give you three.

Oh, since the day I saw you,
I have been waiting for you.
You know I will adore you
Until eternity.

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