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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 04 - First Evening Dinner

Max Kellerman seats the Houseman family to their table

Neil and Max Kellerman

Date of Scene

Saturday, August 10, 1963

In the evening

Scene Description


Max Kellerman
Sit down and I'll get you some wine.

Jake Houseman
Thank you, Max.

Max Kellerman
(Addressing the waiter Robbie Gould)
This is Dr. and Mrs. Houseman.

(Addressing Baby and Lisa Houseman)
Baby, Lisa, this is your waiter, Robbie Gould.

Robbie Gould
Yale medical school.

Max Kellerman
(Addressing Robbie)
Robbie, these people are my special guests. Give them anything they want.

(Addressing the Housemans)

Jake Houseman
Thanks, Max.

Marjorie Houseman
Look at all this leftover food. Are there still starving children in Europe?

Baby Houseman
Try Southeast Asia, Ma.

Marjorie Houseman

Jake Houseman
(Addressing Robbie)
Robbie, Baby wants to send her leftover pot roast to Southeast Asia, so anything we don't finish, wrap up.

(Addressing Max)
Max, our Baby's gonna change the world.

Max Kellerman
(Addressing Lisa)
And what are you gonna do, Missy?

Baby Houseman
Lisa's gonna decorate it.

Robbie Gould
(Smiling toward Lisa)
She already does.

Max Kellerman
(Addressing Jake)
Doc, I want you to meet someone. My grandson Neil. Goes to the Cornell School of Hotel Management.

Jake Houseaman
Baby's starting Mount Holyoke in the fall.

Neil Kellerman
Oh, great.

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