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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 07 - First Dirty Dance

Scene Description


Baby (to Billy): Hi.

Billy: How'd you get here?

Baby: I was taking a walk.

Billy: Go back.

Baby: Let me help you. What's up there?

Billy: No guests allowed. House rules. Why don't you go back to the playhouse? I saw you dancing with little boss man. Can you keep a secret? Your parents would kill you. Max would kill me.

Baby: Where'd they learn to do that? Where?

Billy: I don't know. Kids are doing it in their basements back home.

Wanna try it? Come on, Baby. Can you imagine dancing like this on the main floor. home of the family fox-trot? Max would close the place down first. That's my cousin, Johnny Castle. He got me the job here.

They look great together.

Baby: Yeah.

Billy: You'd think they were a couple, wouldn't you?

Baby: Aren't they?

Billy: No, not since we were kids.

Johnny: Do you love me?

Yo, cousin, what's she doing here?

Billy: She came with me. She's with me.

Baby: I carried a watermelon. I carried a watermelon?

Johnny: Bend your knees. Down. Watch. Watch my eyes. Good. That's better. Good. Now roll this way. Now watch. Look.

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