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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 07 - First Dirty Dance

Baby Houseman and Billy Kostecki

Date of Scene

Sunday, August 18, 1963


More than a week has passed since the Houseman family arrived at the resort.

Scene Description


Baby Houseman

Billy Kostecki
How'd you get here?

Baby Houseman
I was taking a walk.

Billy Kostecki
Go back.

Baby Houseman
(Taking a watermelon out of his hands)
Let me help you. What's up there?

Billy Kostecki
No guests allowed. House rules. Why don't you go back to the playhouse? I saw you dancing with little boss man. Can you keep a secret? Your parents would kill you. Max would kill me.

(Billy and Baby enter the bunkhouse)

Baby Houseman
Where'd they learn to do that? Where?

Billy Kostecki
I don't know. Kids are doing it in their basements back home.

Want to try it? Come on, Baby. Can you imagine dancing like this on the main floor -- home of the family fox-trot? Max would close the place down first.

(Pointing toward Johnny and Penny, who are dancing)

That's my cousin, Johnny Castle. He got me the job here.

They look great together.

Baby Houseman

Billy Kostecki
You'd think they were a couple, wouldn't you?

Baby Houseman
Aren't they?

Billy Kostecki
No, not since we were kids.

(Johnny stops dancing and approaches Billy)

Johnny Castle
Yo, cuz, what's she doing here?

Billy Kostecki
She came with me. She's with me.

Baby Houseman
I carried a watermelon.

(Embarrassed, whispering to herself)
I carried a watermelon?

(Johnny invites Baby to dance)

Johnny Castle
Bend your knees. Down. Watch. Watch my eyes. Good. That's better. Good. Now roll this way. Now watch. Look.

Song Lyrics

"Do You Love Me?"
It's the latest,
It's the greatest --
Mashed potato!

The mashed potato started long time ago
With a guy named Sloppy Joe.
You'll find this dance is so cool to do.
Come on baby, I'm gonna teach it to you.

Mashed potato, feel it in your feet.
Mashed potato, come on, get the beat.

And then they dance it through and through.
They look for records they can do it to.
They got a dance that was out of sight.
Doing "the lion sleeps tonight".

Now everybody is doing fine.
They dance alone or in a big boss line.
And they discovered it's the most man,
The day they did it to "Please Mr. Postman".

"Love Man"
I'm a love man.
Call me the love man
Oh, baby, I'm the love man
That's what they call me.
I'm a love man.

Six feet one; weigh two hundred and ten;
Long hair; real fair skin;
Long legs; and I'm out of sight.
There ain't no doubt,
I'm gonna take you out.

'Cause I'm a love man.
That's what they call me I'm the love man.
Make love to you in the morning,
Make love to you at night now,
Make love to when you think about it. ...

Love man -- that's all I am now.
I'm just a love man. ...

Let me tell you something.
Which one of you girls want me to hold you?
Which one of you girls want me to kiss you?
Which one of your girls wants me to take you out?

Go on, I got you,
Gonna knock you all night ....


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