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Monday, September 25, 2017

Tropes in "Dirty Dancing"

A website called All the Tropes Wiki has the following purpose:
All The Tropes is a community-edited wiki website dedicated to discussing Creators, Works, and Tropes -- the people, projects and patterns of creative writing in all kinds of entertainment: television, literature, movies, video games, and more.
The website's definition of tropes:
Tropes are tools of the trade for writers; They are devices and conventions that we the audience expect to see again and again. Whether tropes are cliche or just standard for the genre is largely a matter of writing quality and personal opinion. But tropes will always exist, as they often reflect life -- and we exist to document them, play with them, and generally have fun with them.
The website currently lists 114 trope subcategories For example, the trope subcategories beginning with the letter D are as follows:
* Dating Tropes‎

* Death Tropes‎

* Dialogue‎

* Distraction Tropes‎

* Doctor Index‎

* Door Tropes‎

* Drama Tropes‎

* Dueling Tropes‎
Within the subcategory of Dating Tropes, for example, are the following individual tropes:
* Third Wheel

* Armor-Piercing Slap

* Two-Timer Date

* The "I Love You" Stigma

* Bachelor Auction

* Not a Date

* You're Not My Type

* Sturgeon's Tropes
Then, for example, the Third Wheel trope is described as follows:
Any instance where at least one other character is hanging around a couple and some form a social tick is getting in the way. He/she can either be

A) a nuisance to the couple and they consistently tell him/her to leave them alone,

B) a character who doesn't want to spend time with the couple but they drag him/her along, or

C) a character who is pulled into being with a couple due to circumstance and no parties necessarily have ill will toward each other, but awkwardness may ensue anyway.

Usually does not translate into a relationship between a couple and a third party who genuinely like to spend time together in a friendly way, since that would imply little to no awkwardness.

The website's Dirty Dancing webpage lists many tropes, which include the following:


All For Nothing -- Baby provides an alibi for Johnny when he's accused of theft. He gets canned anyway.


Break the Haughty -- Lisa, when she catches Robbie in bed with another woman.


Can't Believe I Said That -- This is Baby's reaction to awkwardly telling Johnny that she "carried a watermelon" when they first meet.


The Cast Showoff -- One of the songs on the soundtrack ("She's Like the Wind") is actually sang by Swayze.


Chekhov's Gun -- When Penny and Baby help Mrs. Schumacher when she drops her purse, multiple wallets can be seen.


Dance Party Ending -- Everyone gets up and dances after Baby and Johnny perform.


Foot Focus -- On both Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, particularly during the scene where they're dancing on the log.


The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry -- One-sided on Lisa's part.


Hoist by His Own Petard -- How Jake finds out the real truth about Penny's abortion. Near the end of the film, while some of the staffers are singing the resort's anthem, Jake approaches Robbie, gives him an envelope containing either a check or a letter of recommendation, and wishes him good luck in medical school. Robbie replies by thanking Jake for helping Penny out and telling him, "I guess we've all gotten into messes", effectively confessing and insulting Penny at the same time. Jake, understandably miffed, takes the envelope back.


Hollywood Tone Deaf -- Lisa singing the song "Hula Hana".


Overprotective Dad -- Baby's father tries to shelter her from the world, but unlike many examples of this trope, isn't overly smothering and deeply trusts her. The real conflict happens when he has a misunderstanding about Johnny and Penny's need for an abortion.


Parenthetical Swearing -- "He wouldn't know a new idea if it hit him in his pachanga!"


Pet the Dog -- Lisa offering to do Baby's hair.


Parental Obliviousness -- Marge remains blissfully unaware of what goes on throughout the film, though a deleted scene indicates that she isn't as clueless as initially presented -- she sternly chastises Baby for her behavior and reveals that she had been in a similar situation before meeting Jake.


The Sixties -- Though you would never know it from Jennifer Grey's Eighties Hair.


Smash Cut -- Baby's father learning of her sexual relationship with Johnny. Cut to Dr. Houseman sitting comatose at the lakefront. Ha!


Taking the Heat -- Johnny has little choice but to take the rap for Penny's pregnancy.


Wet Sari Scene -- The lift in the lake.


The Wikipedia article about tropes in cinema defines them as follows:
In cinema, a trope is what The Art Direction Handbook for Film defines as "a universally identified image imbued with several layers of contextual meaning creating a new visual metaphor". It is an element of film semiology and connects between denotation and connotation.

Films reproduce tropes of other arts and also make tropes of their own. George Bluestone wrote in Novels Into Film that in producing adaptations, film tropes are "enormously limited" compared to literary tropes. Bluestone said, "[A literary trope] is a way... of packed symbolic thinking which is peculiar to imaginative rather than to visual activity... [when] converted into a literal image, the metaphor would seem absurd."

A common thematic trope is the rise and fall of a mobster in a classic gangster film. The film genre also often features the sartorial trope of a rising gangster buying new clothes.

Other websites also discuss movie tropes:

Film Tropes

The 43 Most Overused Move Tropes

15 Overused Movie Tropes Everyone Will Recognize

Five Film Tropes That Are Ruining Modern Cinema

Tropes vs. Women

Additional "Dirty Dancing" Drawings at "Deviant Art"

Click any drawing to enlarge it. Click on the Drawings tag in the right margin to find other such articles.


"Oh Lover Boy" by bsienk
Oh Lover Boy by bsienk

The artist's comment about her drawing:
WELLL!!!! Rick (left) and Thomas (Right) AGAIN!

Yes...Rick is a boy...its the 80s hair XD I swear.

:heart: Also!!! THIS IS FOR EVERYONE WHO GOT MY TO 13,000 previews! :heart:

:heart: Thank all you guys for the watches, and the favs, and the Llamas! I hope you guys stick around and keep commenting and faving! I like when people are around you knoowwww :heart:

Anyway about this picture!

"Love Is Strange" was a 1957 Top 40 hit song for Mickey and Sylvia. Most people know is from Dirty dancing! But anyway, this song was inspired by "Love is Strange"
The artist's real name is Briana Sienkiewicz, and she draws cartoon series about homosexual young men. Other drawings of her two characters Rick and Thomas are here and here.

bsienk self-portrait
She does not have a gallery on Deviant Art.


"The Time of My Life" by bakki
The Time of My Life, by bakki

The artist's comment about her drawing:
As an artist living in thailand, I don't get to vote, but I've got to say it's been very entertaining.

In fact, I could say I've had the time of my life!
The artist links to the following video, so her drawing evidently shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as young people singing "The Time of My Life" to each other.

The artist's description of herself:

bakki's self-portrait
O xO?

Well My name is bakki.
I'm a weird person.

I love ponies, zombies, anime and drawing.

As you see, I draw ponies :D.
And sometime some weird stuffs....

Luna is best pony! followed by AJ and Pinkie!

So enjoy :)
Bakki's Deviant Art gallery is here.


"Hungry Eyes" by melh2o
Hungry Eyes by melh20

The artist's comment about her drawing:
i was watching dirty dancing after portfolio time and this happened 0:
The artist's description of herself.

melh2o's self-portrait
Melanie Atwater
United States

i'm a fourth year character animator at calarts!
Her Deviant Art gallery is here.


"Hungry Eyes" by Asterisks
Hungry Eyes by Asterisks

The artist's comment about her drawing:
Ive been meaning to tell you
Ive got this feeling that wont subside
I look at you and I fantasize
You are mine tonight
Now Ive got you in my sights

- Eric Carmen (hungry eyes)
The artist's description of herself:
Asterisks' self-portrait
likes to scribble
United States

Current Residence: Los Angeles
Favourite genre of music: Rock, electronic, new age, goth
Operating System: Mac
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Wallpaper of choice: steel gray
Favourite cartoon character: Batman
Personal Quote: It will only get worse before it gets better.
The artist's Deviant Art gallery is here.


"Hungry Eyes" by SaiyanGoddess
Hungry Eyes by SaiyanGoddess

The artist's comment about her drawing:
Listening to Hungry eyes(from Dirty dancing) while working on a commission. I was commissioned ... to draw a romantic headshot ...
The artist's description of herself:

A portrait of SaiyanGoddess
Hi and Welcome to my profile. I hope you enjoy your stay here

Drawing has been a huge passion of mine. Either when I am happy or sad, drawing has always been there for me to pour out my feelings to it. I mainly draw Dragon Ball Z but my hands tend to love drawing other anime series or cartoons.

Being in Deviantart, has been an amazing journey. I have made new friends that share the same passions as I do. I feel I have became a stronger artist due to their suggestions and the practice I have gained from drawing other people’s OCs. I thank everyone of my commenters and watched for this transformation, You all mean very much to me.

You may also find me in Instagram
The artist does not have a Deviant Art gallery, but does have one on Instagram.


"Hungry eyes" by ericadalmaso
Hungry eyes by ericadalmaso (The artist did not comment about her drawing)

Erica Dal Maso
Erica dal Maso's Deviant Art gallery is here, and her Tumblr site is here.


"Dirty Dancing Chibi" by lafhaha
Dirty Dancing Chibi by lafhaha

The artist's comment about her drawing:
Colored version of my chibi Baby sketch from Dirty Dancing...*^_^*
The artist's description of herself:

lafhaha's self-portrait
Christy Sanderson
United States

I love vector art, design, photography, animation, and writing. My tools of choice are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, GraphicsGale, my camera, my sketchbook, and my wild imagination.  :)

I am the creative director of BeKyoot Inc and also the voice and life behind Happi Paper, should you see him at a convention someday. All of my characters are based off of life, laughter, and heart full of whimsy. Some take after my love of cupcakes and sweets... :giggle:
The artist's Deviant Art gallery is here.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Dirty Rhyming - 2

This article follow up a previous article titled Dirty Rhyming - 1.


The website Hello -- Poetry has published a poem titled Dirty Dancing. The poet is Sean Banks, who describes himself as follows:
Vancouver Island. Bukowski Like Cynic A Buddhist with the Blues An Old Soul and a New age Hippy Long hair, don't care freedom - yet cautious and careful for personal reasons A Future Spiritual leader of Humanity Dealing with issues in Narcissism and Regret.
The website has published 58 of Banks' poems, including Dirty Dancing.
The baseline throbbed
And the chorus echoed
With liquid confidence
And a substance filled mind
As I approached from behind

I put my right hand on her hip
My left hand clinching my pabst
She turn around and said,
“I thought you were going grab my ass”

I spoke no words, just grinned
She smiled
I hadn’t had this much confidence
in a long while.
She whipped her hair and my heart went wild

“Do you want do dance with me?”
She whispered in my ear
I placed my other hand on her hip
My beer hit the floor
I whispered back
“That and so much more”

“I want to move
And make time stand still
I want you to whimper at my will
And rise to my roar”

“I want to show you how good I am with
My words
And my hands
And my tongue
And my lungs”

“I want to show you the world
I want to paint portraits of mountains
Before climbing them
And from mountain tops I want to
Draw the sky
I want our eyes
To gaze at the stars within us”

“I want to learn everything about you
As I show you everything I am”

“I want to dance for you
As you dance for me”

We danced all evening

And due to my success on this night
It was the highest I had ever been.

The website Poetry Soup has published a poem titled Dirty Dancing. The poet is Lin Lane. (The website does not provide any personal information about her.)
Summer vacation
romantic first love
Dirty Dancing to
great sixties music
The Time of My Life

Johnny Castle
Handsome dancer
These Arms of Mine
Baby's Love Man

Hungry Eyes
water lifts
Cry To Me

for love

Sigh ~

The website Tinderbox Poetry has published a poem titled River Pitch. The poet is Jennifer Givhan.
Givhan was a 2010 Pen Rosenthal Emerging Voices Fellow, as well as a 2011 St. Lawrence Book Award finalist and a 2012 Vernice Quebodeaux Pathways Prize finalist for her poetry collection Red Sun Mother. She was also an Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize finalist for her poetry collection Karaoke Night at the Asylum. She is an MFA candidate at Warren Wilson College, and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in over fifty journals and anthologies, including Best New Poets 2013, Indiana Review, Prairie Schooner, Rattle, cream city review and The Los Angeles Review. She teaches composition at Western New Mexico University.
Jennifer Givhan
Below is her poem River Pitch.
But you fractured your hipbone
falling for a boy who danced
you into thirteen jagged pieces, lace
tunic over leggings, the lank trunk
of your newly teenaged body fast-pitching
you forward, as if trying to ruin
each fine and breakable thing, the ruins
of your body’s handiwork, reduced to bone
shards. No, Mama had said when you’d pitched
a fit. You’re too young for prom. Dance
in the living room.
.............. You’d plumbed her attic trunk
of moth-chewed costumes, lining the lace
of her wedding dress against the laced
bobbin of her old sewing machine, ruining
both, your zigzag stitches like rings in a trunk,
attaching branches of bodice, boned
at the buds of your breasts, twins dancing
across your chest, ready to pitch
through the bathroom window into pitch
black night with the boy who’d interlace
them, promising your first dance
but first, who’d stop at the bosque to ruin
a bottle of his father’s wine, bone-
dry under a blanket in the trunk.

How did you end in a river, his boxers for trunks,
your skin for a bathing suit, the pitch
of your voices and the waves echoing a boned-
hollow of the absent music, laced
with regret. I’ll make up for ruining
your night, he’d said. Let’s dance
here, in the water, like Baby in Dirty Dancing.

Once, you read someone found in a tree trunk
a set of human teeth while mining the ruined
coast after a hurricane. The pitch
of a quarry is the softest place—
its density of childhood bones,
corkscrew bones, forks in a river dancing
while a boy laces a willing trunk
with the pitch and fury of rock toward ruin.


The blog Free to Exhale Again has published a poem titled Dirty Dancing: Poem 5. The poet and blog author calls herself Reign Supreme, and she describes herself as follows:
I've learned to accept and love myself for me. To be happy with my flaws and all. To live MY life for me and not what others expect.
Reign Supreme
Reign Supreme's poem Dirty Dancing: Poem 5 follows.
You're my Patrick
I'm Jennifer
Cloud 9
I waited
waited to
the time of my life
A connection was made
No longer longing
Dirty Dancing
and I am having the time of my life
through it all.
You are my Patrick
My Louie
better yet
modern Malcolm X


The blog Political Verses has published a poem titled Dirty Dancing with the Stars: A Poem about Tom DeLay. The poet and blog author is Elaine Magliaro.
I worked as an elementary school teacher for more than three decades and as a school librarian for three years. I also taught a children's literature course at Boston University from 2002-2008. I served on the advisory board of the Keene State College Children’s Literature Festival from 2006-2008 and as a member of the NCTE Poetry Committee from 2009-2012. I am now retired and write poetry for children. "Things to Do," my first children's book, will be published by Chronicle Books in February of 2017.
Elaine Magliaro
Below is Magliaro's poem Dirty Dancing with the Stars: A Poem about Tom LeLay.
He’s a “Wild Thing” that’s for sure!
Watch him dance across the floor.
“The Hammer” shakes his aging booty
While cha-cha-ing with a dark-haired beauty.

Wearing a sequined vest, silk blouse …
Dressed all in brown, this slick-haired louse
Looks like a feral chocolate bunny.
It’d sure be sad if it weren’t so funny!

Still a "Wild Thing" at his age,
Tom should be locked up in a cage …
And not out dancing with the stars —
But stuck behind some iron bars!

Ayn Rand and William Hickman

People who are really interested in Ayn Rand (Robbie Gould's philosophical guru) will be interested in an article titled Romancing the Stone-Cold Killer: Ayn Rand and William Hickman, written by journalist Michael Prescott. The article tells about how Rand became intellectually infatuated with a psychopathic murderer when she was about 23 years old.

The article is extremely upsetting. I am very serious about that warning. Hickman murdered a 12-year-old girl in a horrific manner, which Prescott describes with shocking details. Rand admired Hickman. Read the article only if you are seriously interested in Rand and her philosophical development.

Ayn Rand as a young woman
If you do read the article, then read also Hickman's follow-up articles and their discussion comments.

Ad hominem, ad nauseam

Hickman -- sick man

Wrapping up Hickman

Hickman postmortem

Dirty-Dancing Bunnies Living in Bungalows

While I was doing research about the role that "bungalow bunnies" play in the movie Dirty Dancing, I had to slog through dozens of YouTube videos that show real bunnies dancing and/or living in "bungalows".

So that all that all that time not be wasted, I will share a few such videos with my readers.

"Bungalow Bunnies" -- The Musical

The following videos show scenes from a musical called Bungalow Bunnies.


The musical was created by Gary Waldman and is described in his blog called Florida Theater.
The blog includes a review article titled Bungalow Bunnies is a hit at the Wilton Playhouse, which includes the following passages.

.... The stage is ablaze with many childhood antics (compliments of the adults once in us all), and the “swat” power is electric as a remembrance of the summer heat of the Catskills takes over. .... Bungalow Bunnies reflects Waldman’s youth and those glorious days of summer spent in the mountains.

Waldman’s tunes are catchy in this musical spoof. Take “Ruby the Knish Man” that takes on a resemblance of Fiddler’s “If I Were a Rich Man" ...

The “Noo Yawkers” visiting the mountains in the 70’s are a clever, lyrical bunch who enlighten Waldman’s reflections. Take some of the other song titles, “There’s Something Fishy,” “The Man Selling Shoes,” “The Pickle King Song,” to “Rainy Day Blues.” ...

Waldman has written another musical, called What I Learned in Fallsburg, A review article includes the following passages:
Gary Waldman remembers that era well – because he lived it. He and his family were part of the bungalow brigade that made the annual summer trek to north New York for Jewish humor, fun and food. Inspired by those legends, he took to singing and dancing on stage at the age of 6. ...

As the self-proclaimed, fourth generation “American-Jewish kid from Queens” approached 50, he gathered up recollections of his 35-plus years as a producer, director, performer and composer in a mélange of musical memories called What I Learned in Fallsburg. ...

The autobiographical production gives Waldman a musical license to hit the high notes of his career that extends from Fallsburg, N.Y., in the heart of the Catskills, to South Florida, in the heart of Dixie. The combination of songs and skits includes Yiddish melodies, yuk-able song parodies and a few smooth tunes with pinpoint harmony, with help from other performers. ...

Waldman weaves stories about his life into this very personal pastiche. The Yiddish tunes catch fire with many of the New York transplants in the audience. And while the words may not mean much to you, the singer who spent 18 months learning the Germanic-sounding tongue modulates his voice to evoke laughter, sadness, sorrow and joy. In this way, the music truly tells the tale. One ...

Before he enters the Yiddish vein, Waldman delivers a well-heeled tune from Cab Calloway’s binder, “Minnie the Moocher.” As he walks the sparsely decorated stage, he comes up with another old-timer, “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?”

Before he leaves the Catskills, he invokes audience participation, asking folks who were also part of that era to recall some of the towns and hotels that once populated the mountain resort. He’s not finished with New York yet. This time, he heads for Brooklyn, specifically, the Loew’s Pitkin Theatre on Pitkin Avenue. He mentions more historic names, to the crowd’s delight, and recalls his first musical, which he wrote at age 29, Meet Me at the Pitkin.

He then offers up a parody that gets his audience laughing. It’s a tale about a comedian who gets whacked by the mob. Called “Blame it on La Cosa Nostra,” it’s sung to the tune of “Blame It on the Bossa Nova.”

The show’s conclusion is an interesting mix. Waldman talks of his own arrival in Florida where he has written shows and songs. He skewers property associations with his song, “Al Shapiro, the condo commando.” ... Waldman’s look-back becomes particularly poignant with his tender rendition of “Yesterday When I was Young.” ....

Portrayals of Bungalow Bunnies

The Pinterest website presents a selection of images associated with the expression Bungalow Bunnies. To illustrate my blog, I have selected the following. (Click on an image to enlarge it.)

Deadly Is the Female

Double Trouble
60s-Inspired Material Girls
O la la!
by Andrew Hickinbottom

Peignoirs Explained

Niki Lipstick

Vintage Renewed
Hot Camp Counselor Halter

Black Lace Bunny Ears With Crystals

Antique-Rose Tulle and Satin Bunny Ears

El Gato

Voluptuous Vintage Photoshoots

Sex and the Married Bungalow Bunny

The Dirty Dancing character Penny Johnson was based on a real-life dancer named Jackie Horner, who worked as a dance pro at Grossinger's resort hotel in the Catskills during the years 1954-1986. When Eleanor Bergstein was doing research in order to write the movie's screenplay, she interviewed Horner during the summer of 1985.

Years later, Horner was interviewed by Sue Tabashnik, who was doing research for a book that was titled The Fans' Love Story: How The Movie Dirty Dancing Captured The Hearts Of Millions!, which was published in 2009. Tabashnik's book is basically a series of interviews of various people who were involved in making the movie.

One of the people interviewed by Tabashnik was Steve Schwartz (also known by his stage name Steve Sands), who was Horner's dance partner at Grossinger's for many years. Horner considers that the stories she told about Schwartz to Bergstein served as a prototype for the character Johnny Castle. However, Schwartz was not interviewed by Bergstein, who based Johnny mostly on her interviews of another dancer, Michael Terrace. Schwartz and Terrace were friends.)

Anyway, Schwartz began working as a dance instructor at Grossinger's in 1954, when he was 17 years old (he lied that he was 20). As a young, single dancer, Schwartz from the very beginning of his employment took advantage of his sexual opportunities. His interview with Tabashnik includes the following passages (pages 23-24):
.... there were all kinds of dynamics that went on in the dance studio. You work for an hour or a half-hour with a woman and her husband, or a woman alone, or a man alone ... And you're dancing close to each other and all kinds of possibilities start to come up ..... which was an ongoing thing.

It was ridiculous. The husbands would go away during the week, and they'd come up for the weekend. That was one of the major activities. ...

The two major hotels up there were Grossinger's and the Concord. Very tight security. So the "bungalow bunnies" were not allowed to come on the grounds.

Bungalow bunnies were not guests at the hotels. They lived for the summer in bungalow colonies, where were a much lower economic situation than the hotels. The husbands, working men, came up on weekends. They tried to sneak into the hotels for the entertainment, dancing and mid-week sex. There were little or no bunnies at Grossinger's or the Concord, since the security was very tight.

At the smaller hotels they were a factor. They made the staff (waiters and busboys) very happy. A very small number of bunnies may have gotten into the bigger hotels, but very few.

I'm talking about the guests at the hotel. The guests at the hotel conducted themselves as much or more so than the bungalow bunnies --- and who else but with the dance instructors? Because the waiter staff and the bellboy staff at these hotels were not permitted to mingle with the guests.

At the small hotels, it was a free-for-all ... Here, all you had were people on the athletic staff, or the dancers or the musicians, office people for the ladies to get involved with, or the ladies' daughters or sons. That was a major activity. A lot of that went on. And you can imagine, a seventeen-eighteen year old kid who wasn't too bad looking.

The kind of education I got. The women offering money and all that. That's all very true. It all happened. Big time. Big time.

Let me tell you a few stories about the Baby situation. Baby checked in every Friday and checked out the following Sunday, and new Babies checked in. And it wasn't just Baby. It was Baby's mother who took a lesson and we got involved with, and it was Baby's aunt, and it was Baby's grandmother. And this went on every week. Sometimes they stayed two weeks, sometimes a month. But there was always a fresh crop. I'm tell you this is what it was like.

The guys took much more advantage of it than the female guests. The girls weren't anywhere as promiscuous as the working guys were.

The Record Online website recently published an interview of Horner that included the following passages:
You knew the real Johnny?

That was Steve Schwartz, but he went by Steve Sands. He was my dance partner at Grossinger’s. He was a great teacher. He’d been dancing since he was a young guy.

And the women wanted him, that was true.

He was the one that was also blamed for all the robberies. We caught the little couple that was stealing also. Both of us had been teaching this couple. One night we go to the Evans Hotel, in the movie they call it the Sheldrake and the Evans was in Loch Sheldrake, and I see her take a fur coat off a chair. I said, `Oh my god, that’s the one taking money out of the cabana and stealing.′ That was true.

How did you reunite with Eleanor?

I get a call from Paul Grossinger, who says, "Jackie, you got to come up to the office." This is 1985. There sits Eleanor. She says, "After all these years I’ve been looking for you. You’re still here?"

She said she had an idea. That summer I took her all over the place. We walked all around the Grossinger grounds. I showed her all the things that happened and where they happened and how it happened. I wrote as much as I could. ...

They put it in exactly as I had said it. Exactly as it was written. Nearly every line I said to Eleanor they put in there. There were some things that went on! More that we didn’t put that in. There was enough stuff that went on, they could have given the movie an R-rating.

Scherzinger and Prattes dance to "Do You Love Me?" on "Dancing With the Stars"

ABC broadcasts the Dancing with the Stars reality series and in May 2017 also broadcast the Dirty Dancing original movie. In order to promote the upcoming movie, DWTS featured a performance of the dance song "Do You Love Me?".

The featured dancers are the movie's Nicole Scherzinger, who plays the character Penny Johnson, and Colt Prattes, who plays the character Johnny Castle.

The dance in the actual movie is shown in the below video.

The ABC original movie's mambo dance by Penny and Johnny is shown in the below movie.


Under the first video, a commenter wrote that DWTS regular Derek Hough should have been cast as Johnny Castle in the ABC original movie. Hough must have been ABC's first choice, but he evidently declined the opportunity.

Below is a video of Hough and Bindi Irwin dancing to "Time of My Life" on DWTS.

A 1961 Instructional Film About Pachanga Dancing

This article follows up my previous article Pachanga Dancing versus Cuban Soul Dancing.

YouTube provides the following 1961 video demonstrating the pachanga dance. The video was made two years before the Dirty Dancing story took place. Perhaps Neil Kellerman had bought such a film and wanted Johnny Castle to use it to instruct the hotel's employees for the talent show.

The video was uploaded onto YouTube's Metro Mambo page and includes the following comment.
Pachanga dance instruction
8mm film (1961)

The Metro Mambo Collection happily shares this short 8mm silent Pachanga dance-instruction film featuring famed dance instructor "KILLER JOE" PIRO - the legendary emcee and mambo instructor at NYC's fabled Palladium Ballroom during the 50's and early-60's. The background music, "Ya Se Formo" from Hector Rivera's 1961 Epic LP "Charanga and Pachanga" has been added purely for entertainment purposes.

Shown with dancing partner Nadine Weiler, the film was presumably produced by the enterprising Piro who maintained a thriving dance instruction studio at 54 West 55th Street in Manhattan, teaching dancing to everyone from the Duke of Windsor to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Frank "Killer Joe" Piro (March 2, 1921 - February 5, 1989) was born in East Harlem, the son of an Italian tailor. Piro got hooked on dancing as a way to meet girls, and began frequenting the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem in his late teens. The “Killer Joe” nickname comes from a supposed ability to wear out one partner after the other on the dance floor.

While serving with the US Navy in World War II, he won a National Jitterbug contest held at the 1942 Harvest Moon Ball, the prize being a transfer to Broadway's equivalent of the Hollywood Canteen, where his assignment was to dance with the likes of Kathryn Cornell and other stage stars.

After the war, Piro became the emcee and teacher at the Palladium Ballroom at 53rd Street and Broadway, opened in 1947 in response to the expanding popularity of Latin rhythms. Along with co-instructor Carmen Marie Padilla (nee: poet Carmen M. Pursifull), Piro found himself the 'ringmaster' at ground-zero of an international phenomenon in the early 1950's.

Photographed in national magazines such as Life and Ebony, Piro is featured prominently in the 1954 musical short-subject Mambo Madness (featuring Tito Rodriguez and his orchestra, dancers Cuban Pete Aguilar, Millie Donay, Marilyn Winters and other legendary Palladium dancers, that film was actually shot down the block at the Palm Ballroom, as owner Max Hyman did not allow filming at the Palladium).

Using his acclaim at the Palladium as a launching pad, Piro became an international celebrity during the early-1960's 'discotheque' phenomenon. As dance instructor to the jet-set, his students included the Duke of Windsor, Dame Margot Fonteyn, Ray Bolger, and Luci Baines Johnson.

In 1965, he was profiled in the Emmy award winning TV show I Like Things The Way They Are. Photographed by Richard Avedon, Piro was commissioned by Smirnoff to create a dance named for 'The Mule' cocktail, appearing in dozens of ads with the likes of Woody Allen and Julie Newmar.

The guitar band, the Rocky Fellers even recorded a Top 40 tribute tune, "Killer Joe," for Scepter Records in 1963. Piro remained an active and popular presence on the New York dance scene until his death from kidney disease at Lenox Hill Hospital in 1989.

With a couple of rare exceptions, like the other posts on the 'Metro Mambo Channel' this is this film's first appearance on YouTube. To hear more from the "Metro Mambo" collection, tune-in for The Latin Flavor Classic Edition, on Washington DC's WPFW 89.3 FM, Live-streaming Sundays from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m. EST on www.WPFWFM.ORG.

Here is a modern instructional film.


The Metro Mambo page includes this 1955 recording of a song called "Trump Crazy".

Eleanor Bergstein's Research for "Dirty Dancing"

The Forward website has published an article, by Abigail Jones, titled The Not-So-Dirty 'Dirty Dancing' Story. The article includes the following passages (emphasis added).
In the mid-1980s, Eleanor Bergstein returned to Grossinger’s Resort in the Catskills, where she had vacationed as a child during its heyday, to research her screenplay for Dirty Dancing. One night, she got a call from Hollywood.

“While I was on the phone,” she told the Forward, “the operator broke in and said: ‘You better hurry up! You’re gonna miss dinnah.’ I went downstairs. I’d gotten an off-the-shoulder dress; I thought, now I’m coming back as a grown-up, and it was so exciting. I looked at the room, and it was all filled with bearded men with yarmulkes! It was a singles weekend for Jews.”

The Catskills that Bergstein remembered from the 1950s and ’60s had been replaced by a struggling local economy and a growing Orthodox population. “There was almost no vestige of the way things were,” she said. “All I could do was re-create it in my 13-year-old imagination.” ....

To understand the Catskills’ golden years, Bergstein turned to hundreds of sources, including, first and foremost, dancer Michael Terrace, Bergstein’s Johnny Castle, who provided her with innumerable stories and unique access to the dancing world. Resort owner Paul Grossinger also consulted, as did dance instructor Jackie Horner, who contributed voluminous scrapbooks and details. ...

Jackie Horner told Sue Tabashnik (page 13) that she was interviewed by Bergstein in the summer of 1985.


I never heard of Michael Terrace until now. The Wikipedia article about Terrace includes the following passages.
Michael Terrace (born Michael Santiago Gutierrez; December 31, 1926 in Spanish Harlem, New York City) is a retired ballroom and Broadway stage dancer, choreographer, actor, dance consultant, and writer. His stage and subsequent dance career spans a total of 60 years, during which he's made innumerable contributions to ballroom dancing.

Terrace played Bernardo in West Side Story with the national company ....

Terrace is particularly associated with the film Dirty Dancing (1987). His stories of the formative years of the mambo in the Catskills inspired Eleanor Bergstein's vision of lead character Johnny Castle (played by Patrick Swayze).

Terrace met and married Elita Cleveland and formed the dance team Terrace and Elita. ... Michael and Elita, were regulars in the Palladium Ballroom dance competitions and helped to bring the Mambo craze to mainstream America. ...
The Palladium Mambo website includes an article about Michael Terrace. The article includes the following passages.
Born Miguel Santiago Gutierrez de Lozano to a Dominican mother and a Cuban father in Spanish Harlem, Mike grew up dancing to Latin music at family parties. ...

It was not until after he was released from the U.S. Marines in 1946, however, that Mike began to take dancing seriously. Despite his limited dance skills at the time, Mike's good looks earned him a job teaching ballroom dancing at Murray Dales where he learned the popular ballroom dances of the day. Mike worked diligently on his dancing and soon secured a job teaching dance at the prestigious Lido Hotel in Long Beach.

In order to become more versed in the Latin dances, Mike frequented the Park Plaza in Spanish Harlem where he would offer to pay skilled female dancers to dance with him for an hour at a time. He also attended early dances at the Palladium Ballroom (then Alma Dance Studio) where he met and performed with Vera Garret, his first mambo partner, and his first wife Nilda, who became his first professional dance partner. ...

In the summer of 1949, Mike Terrace began working as a dance teacher at Grossinger's Hotel, the Catskill resort with the largest and most prestigious dance staff. Mike recalls that his life at Grossinger's was filled with temptations to service wealthy women in more than just dancing, much like that of the dance teachers portrayed in the film Dirty Dancing (whose creator Eleanor Bergstein relied on stories Mike told her in creating her fictional characters). ....

One summer, the tap dancer Georgie Tapps, an idol of Mike Terrace, came to perform at Grossinger's. As Mike recalls the incident, Georgie Tapps lovingly pulled him aside and admonished, “You're shit. You don't know how to dance. You want to learn how to dance; you go to ballet school. You sign up and take advantage of the GI bill that's rightfully yours. You become a dancer. You want to be a dancer, give up the shit. All you're going to do is become a gigolo here, and then they're going to discard you when you're too old.”

The interaction altered the course of his life.

Terrace quit working at Grossinger's, moved back to New York City, and began studying ballet through the GI Bill with the Vladimir Dokoudovsky at Ballet Arts. Through years of disciplined study, Mike acquired enough ballet skill to incorporate multiple pirouettes and double tours en l'air into his mambo dancing. ... Mike Terrace was one of the pioneers in ballet-mambo, adapting ballet adagio lifts for mambo shows. ....

With his first wife Nilda, Mike developed acts to mambo, samba, tango, and popular music. .... Their dance acts often included more jazz and ballet steps than mambo, making them appealing to broader audiences than mambo purists.

They performed throughout New York and beyond at venues including: the New York Palace Theatre, New York Radio City Music Hall, New York Winter Garden Theatre, Roseland Ballroom, Raleigh Hotel in the Catskills, Chez Paris in Chicago, and Bill Miller' Riviera in New Jersey. ...
I could not find any videos of Terrace dancing.


During the year 2013, Terrace wrote a blog, which includes the following photographs.

Michael Terrace and his second wife Elita
Michael and Elita Terrace
Michael Terrace lifting a female dancer

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Dirty Rhyming - 1

The All Poetry website has published a poem titled Dirty Dancing. The poet calls herself Recovered.
Hi friends... I know it has been a while... but i had been going through some tough life changes. I am once again sober, but had been living in a tent for three months. Just recently got accepted into a Domestic Violence Woman's Shelter and I allowed to stay here 60 days, while awaiting hopeful entrance to a 1 yr transitional housing program.

I have only written one poem since I have been gone as I had no computer and I am forced to stay away from my parents house as my sister has gained conservorship over my parents and have put a restraining order on me. But luckily my dad and I are still close and we see each other every week when we go for coffee.

I am attending intensive outpatient sobriety counseling because I thought I needed some additional support being out in the world all alone. I turned 46 recently but I am a daddy's girl and not used to taking care of everything alone. but I am doing it.
Recovered's Avatar
The website includes 73 of her poems, including Dirty Dancing.
Baby was daddy's little girl, innocent and sweet
nobody would have guessed, she had dancing feet
It's hard to believe, this love started with just a glance
but soon she loved this man, more than she loved to dance.

They clung together without a barely care
bodies bumping as a drum beats the air
totally aroused as they dance around the floor
they can barely wait, til they walk out the door

Their bodies touch intimately as they turn
Grinding so slowly they feel the burn
The music fills the air and the night
they keep dancing til morning's light

Smell the sweat and fragrance of perfume
as their bodies collide and dance around the room
As the music gets louder, there's change in the beat
sounds crushing together - their bodies meet

The same All Poetry website has published another poem titled Dirty Dancing. The poet calls herself Xenless.

Avid Reader 10-13 books every Saturday. From my local library!!!

I work for the school newspaper.

Music: Disturbed, Nightcore, Get Scared, Dave Matthews, Screamo, Dubstep.

Favorite Things: Cryptozoology, Supernatural, Dark Poems, Role Playing, onesies, siblings, Youtubing, family, outdoors, biking, swinging, reading, cuddling with my puppy, and cat. Don't forget Pewdiepie, CinnamonToastKen, Cryoatic, Jacksepticeye, Seananners, Markiplier, RPG Minx, and other gamers.

Age: 18

Career Choice: Writing

Dreams: To have my books published, and make people happy.

Pets: Brintley (Girl Dog), Phineas (Boy Cat).

Soon to Happen: Working on getting a apartment, and taking a gap year after graduation.

I love to create new fashions, and am a overall passionate, and creative person.

FaceBook me anytime- Kaitlyn Kneece; just notify me before hand.
The website includes 145 of her poems, including Dirty Dancing.
No way to say
How vivid it is

To dance with your hips
Your arms around me

Lights bright, but soft
Swaying easily

Dark colors
Red roses for the best

Dropping to the floor
Then rising with a flourish.

Simplicity of joy
With you by my side

Open to a kiss
or even more

So alive
So young

The club full
Bodies clash

Dirty Dancing
With you at last

The same All Poetry website has published a poem titled A Night With Tabby Jones. The poet calls himself Bosiar, who writes that his Muse arrived on July 17, 2008, and died on August 5, 2010.

Bosiar, whose Muse has died
While Bosiar's Muse still was alive, Bosiar wrote A Night With Tabby Jones, which included the following illustration.

The illustration for the poem "A Night With Tabby Jones"
A purr-fect night at the cat-illian
felines dancing on the bar
the "Stray Cat Strut" their playing
on a jaguar shaped guitar.

Caterwauling like a crooner
Tabby Jones the purring king
wearing his tiger striped pajamas
but that tom can really sing.

Meowing is the choir
in their salt and pepper fur
four tails swaying to the tempo
paws are flying in a blur.

The Leopard lounge is packed with swingers
as two Siamese slither by
dirty dancing like she's in heat
his front legs glued between her thighs.

Drinking Cat-o-tonic with some soda
shots of milk are all the rage
when a hush befalls the music
as the queen of yowling hits the stage.

Yipping and a hissing
the sad song starting out so slow
and then roaring through the chorus
delivering such a lethal blow.

The audience frantic meowing
as if a mouse were dangling on a string
all start to prance like an Egyptian
as if Cat Tut were still the king.

The night ends with cat fighting
bitches clawing for the eyes
the result of catnip brownies
and the way they traumatize...

The same All Poetry website has published a poem titled Mooching. The poet is Edward Tooker, who lives in Great Britain.

Edward Tooker's avatar
The website has published 737 of Tooker's poems, including Mooching.
dirty dancing is not for the clean living
whose conscience does not always smell of lilacs
playful tunes greeted with needless violence
I hunger for the sweet smell of daylight

my thoughts treat me like a shitake mushroom
darkly searching for the ebony feline, going bananas
mind slipping, needled like a scratched vinyl disc
dark lanes silently contain ideas within a pitch black room

black box records the shivers down my spine
clearly that cool cat was never really there
musically mewing with my muse amongst littered debris
sleep deprivation annoys like day-time television

tally-mans sheet states required score is on the door
mooching around moonfully until the dawn restores my mood
sunshine smooches away the night time blues
daylight is here and I am finally heading home

my darling, please save the last dance for me.

The All Poetry website has published another poem titled Dirty Dancing. The poet calls herself swcaitlin18, but her website identifies her as Caitlin Eskridge.

The website has published 138 of her poems, including Dirty Dancing.
Dirty Dancing, All around
Dirty Dancing, on the ground
Come rub your butt on this guy's leg
Make him want you, make him beg
Bodies bouncing on the floor
Bodies bouncing out the door
Come on baby, grab my butt
It's just dancing, come be a slut
Sweat pours down my body and face
Girls wear shirts all trimmed in lace
Tons of people start to stink
Oh no, a slow song, my heart begins to sink
All alone on the dance floor
People act like perverts even more
I'm tired of dirty dancing
I have no need to be entrancing
I'm done with dirty dancing
I'm done with all the lies
I'm finished with girls on girls
And of course girls on guys
Tonight, I came home happy
Tonight, I came home free
No more dirty dancing
Anymore for me

See also my follow-up article titled Dirty Rhyming 2.

"Dirty Dancing: The Shaadi" -- a Must-Watch for Every Bollywood Aficionado

The movie Dirty Dancing The Shaadi is set in modern-day India. The Soman family is organizing a wedding and their younger daughter Sana meets a dance group that includes:
* Roy, the lead male dancer

* Vani, his dance partner, and

* fun-loving Ishaan.
Sana and Roy fall in love as wedding drama unfolds around them and reveal the true values of both the troupe and the Soman family.


The below photograph shows the movie's four main characters. From left to right:

* Rohit Thakre plays the character Ishaan, who corresponds to Billie Kostecki.

* Sharayu Mahale plays the character Sana, who corresponds to Baby Houseman.

* Nikhil Saboo plays the character Roy, who corresponds to Johnny Castle.

* Pia Sawhney plays the character Vani, who corresponds to Penny Johnson.


Below are a couple of trailers for the movie.


The Brown Girl Magazine website has published an article titled This Desi Rendition of Dirty Dancing is a Must-Watch for Every Bollywood Aficionado. The article begins as follows.
Dirty Dancing: The Shaadi aims to adapt one of Hollywood’s favorite movies into a desi-inspired short film. With dance being such an integral part of Bollywood culture, I could not think of anything more perfect. Premiering in New York City on September 23, Dirty Dancing: The Shaadi is an exciting short film that builds a bridge between American and Indian culture.

Badass co-directors Shivani Badgi and Raashi Desai talk about their experience creating this production.

Question: Dirty Dancing is one of Hollywood’s most popular classics, especially when it comes to dancing. What about the movie inspired you, and how do you aim to make that come alive for your audience?

Answer: We love how the original Dirty Dancing is first a film with a heartfelt storyline and lovable characters.The dancing in the movie has such a big element of “fun” in it. Even where they are doing more difficult partner work or lifts, you can still see how much they are enjoying the music and performing so effortlessly. For us, we wanted to create that same environment where even after we created this unique dance world for them that would combine Indian elements of dancing with Western, it would still feel extremely flawless and the actors could still enjoy performing them.
The interview continues in the article, which includes photographs and a video that shows an interview with the movie's two directors.