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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 13 - Abortion Discussed

Scene Description


Johnny: What do you think you're doing? You're in trouble, you talk to me.

Penny: I'll take care of it.

Johnny: You should've come to me in the first place.

Penny: Forget it, Johnny. I'm not taking what's left of your salary.

Johnny: Penny, that's my business.

Pennny: Besides, it wouldn't be enough. Oh, God, it's hopeless!

Baby: Don't say that. There's gotta be a way to work it out.

Penny: Baby? Is that your name? You know what, Baby? You don't know shit about my problems.

Billy: I told her.

Penny: Jesus, Billy! Now she's gonna run and tell her little management boyfriend and then we'll all get fired. Why not skywrite it? -- "Penny got knocked up by Robbie, the creep."

Baby: Robbie?

Johnny: Look ...

Billy: No, Baby. One of the counselors knows a doctor, a real M.D., just traveling through New Paltz one day next week. We can get her an appointment, but it costs $250.

Baby: But if it's Robbie, there's no problem. I know he has the money. I'm sure if you tell him ...

Penny: He knows. Go back to your playpen, Baby.

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