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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 12 - Pregnancy Revealed

Date of Scene

Friday, August 23, 1963


Scene Description


(Johnny, Billy and Baby are rushing to the kitchen.)

Johnny Castle
Why's she here?

Billy Kostecki
I brought her in case Neil comes back.

Johnny Castle
Penny just doesn't think.

Billy Kostecki
She wouldn't do anything stupid, would she?

Baby Houseman
So, what's wrong? What's the matter with her?

Billy Kosetecki
She's knocked up, Baby.

Johnny Castle

Baby Houseman
(Addressing Billy)
What's he gonna do about it?

Johnny Castle
What's he gonna do about it? Oh, it's mine, right? Right away you think it's mine.

Baby Houseman
But I thought ...

Johnny Castle
(In the kitchen, picking Penny up from the floor)
It's okay. Johnny's here. I'm never gonna let anything happen to you. We got to go. Just hold on. Just hold on. Good girl. Good girl.

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