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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 31 - Tense Family Breakfast

Scene Description


Activity Director: Singers, dancers, actors, this is your lucky day! Auditions for the annual Kellerman end-of-the-season talent show, beginning in the playhouse.

Neil: So, everyone gonna be in the show?

Jake: We're leaving tomorrow. Miss the weekend traffic.

Marge: But, Jake, we're paid up 'til Sunday.

Lisa: Daddy, and miss the show?

Jake: I said we're leaving tomorrow.

Lisa: But, Daddy, I was going to sing in the show.

Neil: It's the big event. People bring their own arrangements. You don't want to miss it. Oh, Baby, I need you for props.

Marge: Jake, why would you want to leave early?

Jake: It was just an idea. We can stay if you want to. So, Lisa, what were you planning to sing?

Lisa: "I Feel Pretty" or "What Do the Simple Folk Do?" or "I Feel Pretty." What do you think, Daddy?

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