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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 31 - Tense Family Breakfast

Jake and Marjorie Houseman
Baby and Lisa Houseman

Date of Scene

Friday, August 30, 1963


Scene Description


Neil Kellerman
[On a loudspeaker] Singers, dancers, actors, this is your lucky day! Auditions for the annual Kellerman end-of-the-season talent show beginning in the playhouse.

[After approaching the Houseman's table] Everyone going to be in the show?

Jake Houseman
We're leaving tomorrow. Miss the weekend traffic.

Marjorie Houseman
But we're paid up until Sunday.

Lisa Houseman
And miss the show?

Jake Houseman
I said, we're leaving tomorrow.

Lisa Houseman
I was going to sing in the show.

Neil Kellerman
It's the big event. People bring their own arrangements. You don't want to miss it.

[To Baby] Baby, I need you for props.

Marjorie Houseman
Why would you want to leave early?

Jake Houseman
It was just an idea. We can stay if you want to.

[To Lisa] So, Lisa, what were you planning to sing?

Lisa Houseman
“I Feel Pretty" or ""What Do the Simple Folk Do?" or "l Feel Pretty." What do you think, Daddy?

Song Lyrics


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