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Saturday, December 27, 2008


I saw the movie Dirty Dancing on the weekend when it opened in August 1987. I was on a date with Mary Pat, who later became my second wife. (On that same date we saw also The Big Easy, which opened on that same weekend.)

We liked Dirty Dancing so much that we soon saw it a second time. In the following years I saw the movie another time or two.

In September 2008, I was in a DVD-rental store with the woman who is my third and current wife. Her name is Zosia. We each were choosing a couple of DVDs to watch, and one that she chose was the 20th-anniversary DVD of Dirty Dancing. Zosia chose it because the cover picture showed Patrick Swayze, an actor she likes because she had seen and liked the movie Ghosts. Zosia immigrated from Lithuania 15 years ago, so there are a lot of famous American movies she had never seen, including Dirty Dancing. I promised Zosia she would love Dirty Dancing, and so we rented the DVD and took it home and watched it. She did like it.

Before we returned the DVD to the rental store, I watched all the extra features and re-watched the movie twice with all the commentaries.

Afterwards I was inspired to write a series of articles about the movie. I sent the articles around to my relatives. I still have some more articles in mind to write.

Now I have decided to use my articles as the basis for my first attempt to start this blog, Dirty Dancing Analysis. I am doing this just for my own interest and fun.

I look forward to reading comments and corrections from other people who read my articles and share my love for the movie Dirty Dancing.

Anybody who ever has written an essay analyzing the movie Dirty Dancing and wants to immortalize it and get some feedback may send it to me at If it's decent, I will post it here as a guest post.

Sometimes I will post a few articles about other movie subjects. I already have written a few such articles, and so I will post them. I intend, however, to limit this blog mostly to just the movie Dirty Dancing.

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