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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 10 - Conversations By Woods

Neil Kellerman and Baby Houseman

Date of Scene

Friday, August 23, 1963


Scene Description


Neil Kellerman
I love to watch your hair blowing in the breeze.

Baby Houseman
Maybe my parents are looking for me.

Neil Kellerman
Baby, don't worry. If they think you're with me, they'll be the happiest parents at Kellerman's. I have to say it: I'm known as the catch of the county.

Baby Houseman
I'm sure you are.

Neil Kellerman
Last week I took a girl away from Jamie, the lifeguard. And he said to her, right in front of me: "What does he have that I don't have?" And she said, "Two hotels."

(Lisa Houseman and Robbie Gould rush out of the woods and talk at each other.)

Lisa Houseman
Robbie, I don't hear an apology.

Robbie Gould
Go back to Mommy and Daddy and keep listening. Maybe you'll hear one in your dreams.

Neil Kellerman
I'm sorry you had to see that, Baby. Sometimes in this world, you see things you don't wanna see.

You hungry? Come on.

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