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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bit 05 - Ballroom Dance

Scene Description


Neil: Are you going to major in English?

Baby: No. Economics of underdeveloped countries. I'm going into the Peace Corps.

Neil: After the final show, I'm going to Mississippi with a couple of busboys, freedom ride.

Max: This is our own Tito Suarez.

Neil: Mambo! Yeah! Come on!

Baby: Who's that?

Neil: Oh, them. They're the dance people. They're here to keep the guests happy. They shouldn't show off with each other. That's not gonna sell lessons.

Jake: Hi, kids. Having fun?

Neil (answering to Jake): Yeah. Actually, I've gotta excuse myself. I'm in charge of the games tonight. (to Baby) Say, would you like to help me get things started?

Jake: Sure she would.

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