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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pink Garlic Dill Pickles for "Dirty Dancing"

Early in the movie, when Max Kellerman is lecturing to the hotel's waiters about how they should treat the young female guests, Johnny Castle walks through the dining room and mocks Robbie Gould the waiter:
Just put your pickle on everybody's plate, college boy, and leave the hard stuff to me.
To commemorate that remark, Dirty Dancing fan Evelyne Budkewitsch has invented a recipe for a food she calls Pink Garlic Dill Pickles for Dirty Dancing. She writes a blog titled CulturEatz, which she describes as follows:
The CulturEatz blog is a wonderful way for you to discover the different cuisines, ingredients and flavors found in dishes from around the world. Here you will find exotic recipes, descriptions of unknown ingredients, dinner stories, restaurant reviews and so much more. Soon you will be trying new cuisines at your local ethnic restaurants and even give it a go in your own kitchen. ...

A bit about me: my name is Evelyne Budkewitsch and I am the author of the CulturEatz blog which I started on June 14th, 2007. The blog was originally called Cheap Ethnic Eatz but I rebranded on January 01st 2016.

I live in the wonderful French city of Montreal, Quebec, in Canada. I speak and write both French and English. My roots are part Quebecois, Canadian, Austrian and Russian. If I am not at home trying to keep the peace between my two cats or cooking a weird recipe in my kitchen, you will find me gallivanting about the city trying a new restaurant, food or drink with friends, family or my better half. Good thing Montreal is known worldwide for its food diversity!
Since Evelyne is so interested in food, she has assembled the following food references (in addition to Johnny's pickle remark) in the dialogue.
* I carried a watermelon.

* Robbie, Baby wants to send our leftover pot roast to Southeast Asia, so anything you don’t finish, wrap up.

* I didn’t blow a summer hauling toasted bagels just to bail out some little chick who probably balled every guy in the place.

* Last month, I’m eating Jujubes to keep alive, this month women are stuffing diamonds in my pockets.

* Lock your frame. Lock it. Look, spaghetti arm, this is my dance space.
Evelyn says there is some remark about "grapefruit versus full breakfast", but I couldn't find it in my version of the script.

I can expand Evelyn's food-reference list with the following:
** One, two, three, four! Stomp those grapes and stomp some more!

** So, Baby, what do you want? You can have anything you want -- a brownie, some milk, left-over rice pudding, beets, cabbage roll, fruit salad, sweet gherkins?

** Bubbe and Zayda serving the first pasteurized milk to the boarders. Through the war years when we didn't have any meat.

** This danish is pure protein.
Anyway, Evelyn provides the following explanation for commemorating the movie with a pickle recipe.
... my pervert mind stuck with a line Patrick Swayze says: Just put your pickle on everybody’s plate, college boy, and leave the hard stuff to me.

Oh my, that was crude. Did he just compare college boy’s junk to a small pickle? And that he has the means to satisfy the ladies properly? Naughty! Yeah so I am going with a pickle recipe! ....

I was pickled pink, oops I mean tickled pink, with the idea of a pink pickling recipe. I just took a standard dill pickle recipe and added a bit of beet. VoilĂ  I got a gorgeous color out of it.

And did you notice that my Pink Garlic Dill Pickles are the exact same color as a watermelon too? My evil plan worked!
Here is what a jar of the pickles looks like.

Pink Garlic Dill Pickles for "Dirty Dancing"
The recipe is on the webpage.

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  1. Cool blog and thank you so much for featuring me! Oh and there is no quote about grapefruit versus full breakfast, I had removed the quotation marks on that one. It was more a comment on how the family is divided by the food choices for a breakfast scene :-)