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Thursday, July 20, 2017

After Johnny was fired, he drove to the Sheldrake

Although Johnny Castle was exonerated from the accusation of stealing money, he still was fired for engaging in a sexual relationship with Baby Houseman, a young guest at the Kellerman resort hotel. By agreeing to "leave quietly", he still would receive his summer bonus.

Before Johnny departed, he informed Baby that he was leaving, and then he went to tell something to her father Jake Houseman.
Johnny Castle
Dr. Houseman, can I, uh-- Look, I'm going anyway, and I know what you must be thinking.

Jake Houseman
You don't know anything at all about me.

Johnny Castle
I know you want Baby to be like you -- the kind of person people look up to. Baby is like that. If you could just see --

Jake Houseman
[interrupting] Don't you tell me what to see. I see someone in front of me who got his partner in trouble and sent her off to some butcher while he moved on to an innocent, young girl like my daughter.

Johnny Castle
Yeah, I guess that's what you would see.
Because Johnny was interrupted, he never did finish telling Jake what Jake might see that would make people look up to Baby.


Then Johnny put his stuff into his car, said goodbye with Baby and drove away from the Kellerman resort.

Then Baby went to her room and sadly began to dress for the talent show that would take place that night. The Kellerman family's plan was to attend the talent show and then depart on the next morning.

The family went to the talent show. Lisa performed in the show, but Baby only sat and watched sadly with her parents.

As the show was ending, Johnny returned to the Kellerman resort hotel and took Baby onto the stage to perform the final dance with her.


After Johnny left the Kellerman resort, where did he go and what did he do until he returned?

Baby did not expect him to return. She must have thought he was going home, far away.

If he had traveled far away, however, he would not have returned, because now he was unemployed and could not waste gas money on unnecessary driving. Therefore, he must have driven to some location that was relatively close.

His likely destination was the Sheldrake Hotel, where he already had worked occasionally as a visiting dancer. Apparently, the Sheldrake suffered a shortage of professional dancers. Now Johnny could apply for a regular job there. If he was hired immediately, then he could settle there and not have to drive home.

Johnny was interviewed and hired, and he completed the paperwork and procedures for new employees. He was assigned to an employee bedroom, into which he moved his stuff.

When all that was done, he was able to drive back to the Kellerman hotel, which was not far away. (Penny remarked to Baby that the one-way drive lasted 20 minutes.)

He drove back, because he decided to show Jake Kellerman that Baby indeed could be the kind of person that people would look up to. Johnny and Baby would perform the dance that they had prepared for the talent show.


If Johnny had not been hired immediately at the Sheldrake hotel, then he might have driven home, far away, and not returned to the Kellerman hotel. That's why he didn't tell Baby he might return to the talent show. He already had decided that if he were not hired at the Sheldrake, then he would drive away home.

Because Johnny did get hired immediately, now he could afford to risk the summer bonus that Kellerman promised to pay him for agreeing to "leave quietly". The expression "leave quietly" meant that Johnny would not insist on performing the planned dance with Baby at the talent show.


The plan had been that Baby would be sawed in half with the same magic trick that had been performed during the Houseman family's first night at the hotel.

Moe Pressman saws Baby Houseman in half
during her first night at Kellerman's resort hotel.
During the last night's talent show, Baby again would be sawed in half, but then would emerge whole from the box and perform her dance with Johnny. Because Johnny was fired, however, the dance was not preceded by the magic trick.

This explains a remark that Johnny made when he was saying goodbye to Baby. He remarked that now she would sawed into seven pieces (0:14 - 0:27 on the above video clip).
Baby Houseman
I can't imagine being here without you even one day.

Johnny Castle
Just think, you have more time for horseshoes and croquet.

Maybe they'll saw you in seven pieces now.
Because Baby and Johnny would not perform their dance, the magician now would have to use the extra time sawing Baby into more pieces.


The fact that Moe Pressman was the magician's assistant who cut Baby in half indicates that he too was a magician -- and did card tricks and so was a card shark.

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