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Friday, July 14, 2017

Fan Fiction -- "Dirty After Dancing"

The talent show took place on the Houseman family's last full day at the Kellerman resort hotel. On the following morning the family would depart and drive back home.

As the talent show began, Baby Houseman thought that she never again would see Johnny Castle. Then, unexpectedly, Johnny strode onto the stage, praised Baby to the crowd, and danced magnificently with her. The dance inspired the entire crowd to get up and dance. At that point the movie ends.

Then what happened between Baby and Johnny? How did they express their feelings toward each other?

To ponder and resolve such questions, we turn to fan fiction. The website Fan Fiction has 184 fan-fiction stories about the movie Dirty Dancing. One of them, titled Dirty After Dancing, written in 2009, addresses the questions I raised. The story includes the following passages:
.... When he easily lifted me up high into the air, I wasn't able to suppress a truly feminine squeal of joy. When he slowly lowered me again, I quietly closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of his body so close to mine. I let out a sigh of contentment when my feet found the earth again, and I continued to dance with him. ....

Basically everyone around us had started moving along to the music now, and out of the corners of my eyes, I could even see my parents going at it together.

I slowly tucked my head under Johnny's chin, leaning against his chest. his heart thumping loudly really close, a smile onto my lips. His hands caressed along my back as he whispered into my ear, "I love you, Frances Houseman."

I was a bit taken aback by this, as I wouldn't have ever expected him to pronounce these words. I would dream about it at night, even in broad daylight ....

Now that he'd finally said it, I just stood there dumbfounded. I slowly leaned back to look up into his eyes, and he smiled at me. Oh, how did I love that smile.
Although Baby and Johnny had engaged in sexual intercourse with each other, he never said to her, "I love you". The fantasy that subsequently obsessed her was that eventually he might say those words. During her nights she dreamed he would say those words, and during her days she daydreamed he would say them.

If she fantasized also about engaging in sexual intercourse again with him, that fantasy was secondary.

Now, however, after he had danced publicly with her and lifted her high into the air, he had told her those romantic words that she had been fantasizing about. Now that her primary fantasy had been fulfilled, she could redirect her thoughts to her secondary fantasy.
"I love you too, Johnny, Castle," I whispered against his lips before leaning in to meet them with mine. "I want you," I whispered against myself as his lips traveled off towards my neck.

"I'm all yours, Baby," he whispered huskily into my ear before placing his lips on the sensitive skin right under it.

"Show me," I whispered. swallowing lightly as we slowly parted a few inches and looked into each other's eyes. He quietly shook his head back and forth, but in answer to that, I simply planted my lips upon Johnny's again, then took his hand and led him out of there, ignoring Penny's wondering look. I didn't think anyone else could have seen us leaving together.

When he laid me down on the bed, it was only gentle. We were back in his cabin, lust keeping the two of us glued to each other. Our lips refused to leave one another even for an instant, as Johnny's body carefully came to cover mine and laid between my legs. I hooked them around his waist, and he looked at me surprised by my boldness. I could feel the anticipation glowing all over inside myself. My hands came to rest upon Johnny's buttocks, as his strong arms slid under my shoulders, lifting my upper body subtly. His lips wandered from mine slowly into my neck, over my throat, down between my breasts. He quietly nuzzled between them, making me giggle softly. ...
If you want to know how the story's ending, you will have to read it.


The story was written by an author who uses the pen-name BrokePerception. There and on her Facebook page, she identifies herself as a Dutch woman, born in 1991, a married lesbian. She wrote the story in 2009, when she 18 years old. She married in 2013, when she was 22 years old.

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Holland since 2001, so she certainly could have married a woman in 2013. Maybe when she wrote the story in 2009, however, she still did not identify herself as a lesbian.

Some of her interests are rather masculine. She worked in police office and earned a Masters Degree in Criminological  Sciences. She boasts about shooting "a Glock 9mm, P5 machine gun, laser machine gun and riot gun". I would guess that she plays the dyke role in her lesbian marriage.


The story is narrated by Baby, who portrays herself as rather femmy.
* Baby is lifted easily high into the air.

* Baby wasn't able to suppress a truly feminine squeal.

* Baby giggles softly.
I think that BrokePerception is not imagining herself as Baby. Rather she is imagining herself as a dyke Johnny who is being adored by a femme lesbian. When she wrote the story in 2009, before she came out as a lesbian, her lesbian orientation perhaps still was subconscious and sublimated.


If a lesbian fan-fiction author wanted to end the Dirty Dancing story with a lesbian relationship, the women to couple would be Penny Johnson and Lisa Houseman. Both women had been wronged by men, and so they had good reason to long for the affectionate attention, caring consolation and lingering loving that is provided naturally by women.

Penny Johnson after being wronged by men in "Dirty Dancing"
Lisa Houseman after being wronged by men in "Dirty Dancing"
However, both Penny and Lisa are quite femmy, so such a relationship would take a long time to develop sexually if neither of them ever assumes the aggressive dyke role. The movie could not continue for that long.

BrokePerception does mention Penny in her fan-fiction story.
I simply planted my lips upon Johnny's again, then took his hand and led him out of there, ignoring Penny's wondering look
Penny is wondering -- about Johnny or about Baby ?

At the movie's ending, Lisa is dancing with Billy Kostecki.

Latent lesbian Lisa dancing with latent gay Billy?
Is Billy gay? Is that how Lisa perceives him?

To ponder and resolve such questions, we will have to turn to fan fiction.


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