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Friday, July 28, 2017

Lesbian "Dirty Dancing" Drawings and Videos

Foley is a lesbian artist who has drawn a couple of drawings with her own fantasy based on the movie Dirty Dancing. I like the drawings, and I hope she will do some more.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

At her website FoleyPDX, Foley describes herself as follows.
Foley grew up a Navy kid in the California Bay Area before migrating to the Pacific Northwest.

She has been a scenic painter for theater, an art teacher for juvenile delinquents, a manager for a sex shop, a plumbing specialist, a warehouse manager, a set designer, and a photography MC.​ Those have been her jobs.​

What she does is write, draw, paint, pet her cats, kiss her wife, and tinker with their Portland, Oregon home.


Patricia Pino Salazar has made this lesbian poster of the movie's lift movement.


Below are a couple of compilations of lesbian video clips accompanied by the Dirty Dancing songs "Hungry Eyes" and "She's Like the Wind".


Here is a video clip from the television show Fuller House. Two of the show's leading female characters dance in a night club to the song "Time of My Life" (begin watching at 1:40).

The scene is described disapprovingly in an article titled ‘Luscious Lesbians’: Candace Cameron Bure Takes Part in Racy ‘Dirty Dancing’ Scene in ‘Fuller House’, in the conservative religious website Patriationary.

Yes, that is Max and Val Chmerkovskiy -- of Dancing With the Stars -- in that Fuller House dance scene.


Earlier in this blog, I featured a fan-fiction story, titled Dirty After Dancing, written by lesbian author Broke Perception.

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