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Monday, July 10, 2017

"Dirty Dancing" ushered in memorable style trends

The website Richard Magazine describes itself as follows:
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Richard Magazine is composed of a strong team of insightful bloggers, writers, programmers, and video production experts. We are passionate about the latest trends in fashion, beauty, culture, and lifestyle. Through our combined efforts of awesomeness, we are able to produce unique content amongst the masses of lifestyle and fashion blogs crowding the Internet. We try to be awesome, so you can be too.
An article by staff writer Timothy Vest, titled Why Dirty Dancing Fashion Should Be Your Vintage Summer Fix, declares:
Dirty Dancing fashion subtly changed how people perceived summer camp from a fashion perspective. It ushered in memorable style trends that would go on to help define the 90s and made a warm-weather getaway to the woods steamier than it had ever been before. With 90s style back in favor, it’s the perfect season to take your summer vintage and give it a silver-screen revamp.
The article says that Dirty Dancing provides the following style tips:
1) Dare to Wear a Suit

2) Border Necks and Border Sleeves

3) Give the Crowd a Pirate Look

4) Get That Top Off Your Shoulders

5) Recycle Your Denim Short Shorts

6) Tie Up Your Tank Top

7) Embrace a Vintage Wardrobe

8) A Case of Schoolgirl Pink
Below are the first four:



Dare to Wear a Suit
Bringing your tux to summer camp is a bit extreme, but having some formal clothes handy isn’t a bad idea. Even if there’s no big dance to finish off the season Dirty Dancing style, a walk along the lake in a bowtie and suspenders will make your time with whoever you meet at camp that much more delicious.



Border Necks and Border Sleeves
Obviously, watermelon is a great fruit that can boost your health this summer, but it’s not a fashion trope. The style to pay attention to here is Neal Jones’s bordered t-shirt. If you’re tired of wearing Henley after Henley, break the pattern and experiment with bold borders instead. There are remnants of both 80s vintage and aughts fashion in the simple summer design.



Give the Crowd a Pirate Look
When the 00s returned, they brought with them classic casino collars with the top two buttons undone. While that’s well and good if you want to the rogue look of a white-collar criminal, summer camp offers the chance to get even more rebellious when it comes to showing off your chest. This one’s for you, men. If you think those pecs are going to impress the ladies, unbutton your shirt to mid-chest and give her some pirate fashion.



Get That Top Off Your Shoulders
Whether it’s a halter-top maxi to match the men in suits or a simple off-the-shoulder blouse that gives you a fuller tan, this is the season to show off every inch of your collarbone. Worry less about cleavage and more about flaunting the gentle curve of your neck as it slopes toward the rest of your body. This summer should be all about tastefully exposed skin rather than a highlighted bosom.


You can read the remaining four style tips on the Richard Magazine webpage.

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