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Saturday, July 29, 2017

"Dirty Dancing" Drawings on DeviantArt

DeviantArt is a website where amateur artists can post their art works. There I used the search expression "Dirty Dancing" and got a result page with 2,480 works. From those, I selected my favorites.

You can click on an image to enlarge it.


"Louise 9" by Bettyboopjade
Louise9 by Bettyboopjade.

The artist did not write anything about her picture, but she did write the following about herself in 2012:
My name is Julie, but in the virtual world is my nickname Bettyboopjade, Betty shorter.

I am 33 years old, I am married and I live in Belgium.

I'm a fan of the sims and I started graphics about a year ago.

I retouch photos sims almost exclusively during modeling contest.

I Simsartists forum administrator and with my co-admins us we are launching in organization contest modeling many fashionable at the moment. :-D

Feel free also to come and register, you will find lots of very useful tutorials (the primary purpose of the forum).
The artist's gallery is here, and it included the following picture.

"Louise 8" by Bettyboopjade
These two pictures are part of a macabre series called Louise.


"Baby" by MarineElphie
Baby by MarineElphie

About her drawing, the artist wrote:
I felt some nostalgia and drew this! Baby from Dirty Dancing, I used to love this scene when she hides to put lipstick on and do some rehearsal... It's so cute and funny!
About herself, the artist wrote:

Freelance lonely potatoe.

I do take comissions, payment via PayPal only.

Current Residence: Paris
Her gallery is here.


"Usagi Tsukino Watching Dirty Dancing" by JasonPictures
Usagi Tsukino Watching Dirty Dancing by JasonPictures.

The artist did not write anything about the illustration, but about himself he did write:
Jason Cando, Philippines

Favourite style of art: Entertainment

Favourite cartoon character: Too much to decide
His gallery is here.


"What Baby Wants" by 2dFoxy
What Baby Wants by 2dFoxy. You should click the image to enlarge it, because the dialogue in the captions is amusing.

About his picture, the artist wrote:
I have NEVER watched Dirty Dancing. I will NEVER watch Dirty Dancing. My mom wore a video tape out twice watching this movie. I know absolutely NOTHING about said movie, but when I threw this girl into Studio & rendered this scene, she looked like Jennifer Grey to me. The shorts reminded me of the movie, what lil I know of it.

I Googled some famous lines from the movie & changed a lil bit to be funny & fit.

My wife says this is weird. Oh well....
About himself, the artist wrote:
If y'all don't hear from me for a bit, don't worry. I've got a LOT of offline things happening right now. Our central unit is having problems. We will have to buy a new refrigerator tomorrow, if possible. Our vehicle is having a few issues. I think a trip to the grocery store because of our fridge. The lawnmower & weed eater are down. Sinus/allergy troubles along with the extreme heat & a few pop up thunderstorms.

I've been having trouble sleeping due to anxiety about things & the warmer climate inside my house. I need a bit of a rest.

On top of all those things, I keep getting nailed by computer viruses lately. Ain't that funny? I work for a business that involves multiple businesses. At one of them, I'm a computer tech. I get hit more often than not by viruses jumping from customers computers. I just wiped & reloaded & I think I'm about back to square 1.

At least the kids go back to school in a few weeks. Then I'll miss them. :(

Listening to: my sinuses dripping.
Reading: Nothing. My eyes hurt too badly.
Watching: What lil TV I can.
Playing: Fallout Shelter when my eyes ain't teared up.
Eating: Boogers.
Drinking: Snot.
His gallery is here.


"Love Man" by ArtByMomo
Love Man by ArtByMomo.

About his drawing, the artist wrote:
I wanted to draw a scene from a wonderful fanfic I read called Dirty Dancing [the link is broken] so that's what I did! This scene is from Chapter 3; Love Man. Characters are Roronoa Zoro and Sanji from One Piece.
About himself, the artist wrote:
Silus, United Kingdom

Favourite style of art: Manga

Favourite cartoon character: Sanji

Personal Quote: "I'll kill you before you can kill me." (Said with a straight face)
His gallery is here.


"Dirty Dancing" by adavis57
Dirty Dancing by adavis57.

The artist did not write anything about the drawing, but he he did write a little about himself.
Alan Davis

postal clerk for 30+ yrs. Have done live caricatures at local fairs. Also some commission work.
His gallery is here.


"CM for Tatsunokoisthebest" by StarMVenus
CM for Tatsunokoisthebest by StarMVenus

The artist did not write about the picture or herself and does not have a gallery.


"Dirty Fantasy" by Kizzy1996
Dirty Fantasy by Kizzy1996

About the drawing, the artist wrote:
Shawn and Juri take the place of Frances (Baby) and Johnny, and move on dirty dancing
About herself, the artist wrote:

Hi my name is Kizzy, alias Maki Media.
Her gallery is here.


"Klaine: Dirty Dancing" by Segda
Klaine: Dirty Dancing by Segda

About the drawing, the artist wrote:
Just imagine - autumn 2013, New York, Academy, dance class... And dirty dancing... Perfect! X))))

Klaine (c) Glee

pose (c) Dirty Dancing
Segda did not write about himself/herself. (I assume the artist is male, but I am not sure.)

The gallery is here.


"Time of My Life" by Blossom525
Time of My Life by Blossom525

About her drawing, the artist wrote:
Here is a tribute that I completed several days ago.

The movie Dirty Dancing will always have a place close to my heart ❤️ Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey have such great chemistry!
About herself, she wrote:
Sarah Black

I am addicted to drawing, and obsessed with Disney!!! Any spare time I have is used to create new scetches, paintings, or whatever I feel like doing. This is my passion and there is nothing else I enjoy more than finishing a new peice of art. Please feel free to leave comments or a watch and I hope you enjoy my artwork :D


Instagram: sarahblack_art
She does not have a DeviantArt gallery.


"Baby (Dirty Dancing) by TornadoSoup
Baby (Dirty Dancing) by TornadoSoup

About her drawing, the artist wrote:
I can't remember when I first discovered this movie but I think I've always loved it, Jennifer Grey in it is just Love.

Also if you couldn't tell I really love her hair
About herself, the artist wrote:
United Kingdom

Hi all!

I'm a film student in university, but I also love editing, drawing and writing, so that's why I'm here:)

I mostly favour fanfics and parodies (whether I'm producing them myself or enjoying other people's) so I wouldn't say I am particularly drowning in creativity

Find me on Tumblr and be my friend:3
Her gallery is here.


While I was on DeviantArt, it happened to feature the artist Kuvshinov-Ilya. I really liked the gallery. (I did not find any Dirty Dancing drawings.) Here is a sample:

"Messy" by  Kuvshinov-Ilya

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