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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Why Penny and Robbie risked pregnancy -- Part 2

This article follows up Part 1.


Penny Johnson and Robbie Gould met at the Kellerman resort hotel in June 1963. Following the well established rules of "going steady", which they had learned and practiced since their high-school years, their sexual interaction progressed through the sexual baseball bases.
First base = kissing, including open-mouth (or French) kissing

Second base = petting above the waist, including touching, feeling, and fondling the chest, breasts, and nipples

Third base = petting or orally stimulating below the waist, including touching, feeling, and fondling the vagina, clitoris, penis, or testicles

Home base = sexual intercourse

In 1963, the progress was slow, and only one new base was accomplished in an encounter. The following video, accompanied by the 1960s song Gimme Little Sign, depicts the accomplishment of a first base.

The following video depicts the slow progress of accomplishing a second base.

Second base was not about only the male petting the woman above the waist. The female too petted the male above the waist.

The following video shows a couple struggling to advance from second base to third base. You will see that both of them still remain clothed below the waist -- and she even remains clothed above her waist.


Because Penny and Robbie understood a "home run" to be an intention to get married, they certainly stayed on third base for several encounters -- at least a couple of weeks. In the initial third-base encounters, they both kept on their summer shorts and fondled each other through them. In subsequent encounters, his penis was exposed, and she masturbated him. In the following encounters, she perhaps fellated him. She removed her shorts but kept on her panties, and he fondled her crotch through her panties. That's what happened on third base in 1963.

Because the woman kept her panties on, the fondling did not result in her orgasm. Most women of Penny's age never had masturbated to orgasm. The following chart from a 1953 study shows that no more than 50% of Jewish women ever had masturbated to orgasm by age 25. The statistics for Gentile women, such as Penny, were not significantly different. Keep in mind that women's median marriage age was less than 22, and so many of those 25-year-old masturbating women began doing so only after they had married.

This situation did not change greatly by 1963. The odds that Penny ever had masturbated to orgasm were no more than 50-50. While Penny was on third base with Robbie, she surely kept her panties on and he surely fondled her crotch only through her panties, and she certainly did not orgasm.

Although Penny did not orgasm, she was thrilled by her third-base experience. She enjoyed the tingles she felt from the through-her-panties fondling, and she had lots of fun playing with Robbie's naked penis and causing him to orgasm repeatedly. Even if Penny was able to orgasm, she preferred to keep her panties on, because she wanted to prevent infections and pregnancies and because she wanted to maintain her control of the situation. While was preoccupied with such concerns, she would not orgasm anyway.

Since Penny had concerns about Robbie's sexual history, her time on third base enabled her to compel him to answer questions before they advanced to home base. Because of her concerns about venereal diseases, she had cause to ask him about his number of previous sexual partner and about his previous use of condoms.

As long as there was not a mutual understanding of an intention to marry, they would have stayed on third base until their summer jobs ended or until they broke up -- whichever event came first. Because Penny became pregnant, we know that such a mutual understanding did develop and they did advance to home base.


Although as many as half of women masturbated to orgasm by their mid-twenties, women usually began to experience orgasms frequently only after they married.

Click on the chart to enlarge it.
In 1963, women's median marriage age was about 22 years old. If they remained on third base and kept their panties on until their marriage, then the fondling of her naked crotch began immediately after her wedding and she began to orgasm. Even if she had removed her panties and reached home base before the wedding, she probably remained too worried to reach orgasm. In general, women in 1963 did not orgasm much before they married.

Although Penny had intercourse without a condom with Robbie and became pregnant, she probably did not reach an orgasm during those encounters. Even so, she was pleased, satisfied and thrilled by the love-making. She was happy to make him happy for now, and she anticipated that after they married she herself would enjoy sex as much as he obviously did already.

 Her main consideration now was that she might become the wife of Robbie the medical student and would create a family with him and live happily ever after with him. As soon as she felt confident that Robbie intended to marry her, she would progress with him to home base.


When Penny and Robbie reached home base, their first encounters there were always protected by the use of a condom. In later home-base encounters, however, they would engage in sexual intercourse briefly without a condom. If she calculated from her menstrual cycle that she probably would not get pregnant, then she would allow him to insert his naked penis into her vagina on the condition that he withdraw before he ejaculated.

Now that Penny removed her panties on such occasions, Robbie could play an even more risky game with her. He could masturbate her clitoris directly until she approached an orgasm. Then he could insert his penis and stroke it inside her vagina, trying to cause her to orgasm while his penis was inside her but still intending to withdraw it before he ejaculated.

If she was on the verge of orgasm and they wanted her to attain it, she might have held him close to her to urge him to continue just a little linger. In this situation, he he might have continued until he ejaculated despite his intention to withdraw.

They made each other crazy.

Penny's pregnancy was the fault of both Penny and Robbie. Because they were on home base, there was a mutual understanding they they intended to marry even if the intention was not stated explicitly. They were on the verge of publicly declaring their engagement.

Penny did not want to become pregnant yet, but if their increasingly risky sexual games resulted in her pregnancy, then she felt confident that Robbie would marry her. He would buy her an engagement ring, and they would declare their engagement, and they would marry before her pregnancy began to show. Those were the going-steady rules in 1963.


A movie about the Penny-Robbie romance should be made, and it should be called Dirty Risking.


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