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Monday, August 7, 2017

Patrick Swayze met Bonnie Kay Whittle in April 1972

This article is the fourth in a series.

The first article was titled Patrick Swayze's Unknown Son.

The second article was titled The Whittle Family of Morgan County, Missouri.

The third article was titled The 1972 "Disney on Parade" Tour and Patrick Swayze.


According to an entry at the website Instant Checkmate, Patrick Swayze's biological son Jason James Whittle was born in January 1972. I don't know the exact date.

Part of an entry at Instant Checkmate
If he was born in January 1973, then he probably was conceived nine months earlier, in April 1972.


Disney on Parade apparently had two troupes touring in the Midwest in April 1972.

* One troupe performed in Decatur, Illinois, on April 13 and then in Chicago, IL, during April 18-30.

* Another troupe apparently performed in Lansing, Michigan, during April 12-16 -- then traveled to Irving, Texas, during the period from Monday, April 17, through Thursday, April 20 -- and then performed in Irving on April 21.

Those were all the April performances I could find in the Midwest by searching in old newspapers at

The following advertisement sells tickets for the shows performed during April 12-16 at the Lansing Civic Center in Lansing, MI.

(Click on any of the following images to enlarge them.)

Disney on Parade in Lansing, MI, April 12-16, 1972

The following illustrated newspaper article reports that the show would be performed only one day at the Irving Mall in Irving, Texas.

Disney on Parade in Irving, TX, April 21, 1972
The following article reports that the show would performed in Ft. Worth, Texas, during May 3-7.

Disney on Parade in Ft Worth, TX, May 3-7, 1972

The following map shows the geographical relationship between Lansing, MI, and the Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri.

Straight line from Lansing, MI, to Lake of the Ozarks, MO 

The following map shows the geographical relationship between Lake of the Ozarks and Irving, TX.

Straight line from Lake of the Ozarks, MO,
to Irving, TX
The following map combines the above two maps.

Straight lines from Lansing, MI,
to Lake of the Ozarks, MO, to Irving, TX

One troupe, apparently including Swayze, finished its last performance in Lansing on Sunday, April 16, and next did a performance in Irving on Friday, April 21, 1972. Between those two dates, the troupe, which probably traveled by chartered bus, passed near Lake of the Ozarks.

The troupe might have stopped at Lake of the Ozarks for two or three days during the traveling interval of April 17-20.

Because the Irving performance took place on only one day in a mall, I speculate that this performance was a smaller-than-normal performance done by only part of the troupe. In that case, much of the troupe might have stayed longer at Lake of the Ozark, while only part of the troupe traveled immediately to Irving.

After the performance in Irving on Friday, April 21, the next performances did not take place until Ft. Worth, beginning on Wednesday, May 4.

If Swayze did perform in Irving, then he might have returned to see Bonnie Kay again during the last nine days of April, between the Irving and Ft. Worth performances.

Furthermore, right after the troupe performed in Kansas City, MO, during May 16-21, Swayze might have traveled to Lake of the Ozarks to see Bonnie Kay again.  By that time, though, she must have been pregnant already for about a month.


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