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Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Farmville Romance Resort Contest

When I was looking through the photos on Facebook's Official Dirty Dancing site, I was delighted to see that in 2012 some of the site's participants were competing in the Farmville Romance Resort contest with the Kellerman resort hotel in mind.

For a couple of years I myself played Farmville. I had lots of fun doing so, but I finally had to stop because I don't have enough free time in my life to do everything that is fun.

For this blog article I wanted to provide images of the romance resorts created by the participants of the Official Dirty Dancing site, but this turned out to be impractical because, now five years later, most of the images are no longer available at Zynga, which operates Farmville.

I did find some Farmville romance resorts, and we all will imagine that they are Kellerman's resort hotel decorated for Valentine's Day. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Close-up of part of the above "Love Scene" farm.
Close-up of the above "Love Scene" farm

I selected this one because the gazebo on the left side

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