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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dean Winkelspecht Loved the Music's reviewer Dean Winkelspecht remembers in a review, which he wrote in June 2007, that he always has loved the movie Dirty Dancing mostly because of its music.
.... I believe my first experience with this film was being taken with my older sister Cindy to see the film at a theater. .... This film was all about Patrick Swayze and dancing. I´m sure that was the primary reason that Cindy dragged myself and my nephew Don to go see Dirty Dancing. Don and I are the same age, as my sister is a good deal older, so we both had to suffer for this "date movie." 
.... Truth be told, there is something I have always enjoyed about Dirty Dancing. It isn´t the humor. It isn´t the dancing and it certainly isn´t Patrick Swayze. Jennifer Grey was twenty seven when Dirty Dancing was released and she portrayed a teenage rich girl in the film. She was cute, but she wasn´t the reason I agreed to go along to see this film. 
I was fifteen years old at the time and going to see Dirty Dancing with your sister wasn´t exactly the "cool" thing to do. What I enjoyed about Dirty Dancing was the music. I absolutely love some of the Oldies that appear in the film. "Be My Baby," "Big Girls Don´t Cry," "Where Are You Tonight," "Do You Love Me," "Love Man," "Stay," "Some Kind of Wonderful," "These Arms of Mine," and "Love is Strange" are just a few of the great songs contained on the film´s soundtrack. If anything, Dirty Dancing is one of the finest films based upon its soundtrack. .... 
I don´t recall if the dancing depicted in the film was necessarily shocking and risky twenty years ago. It was all offensive to me at that time. Since then, I´ve certainly spent enough time on club dance floors to not find anything in Dirty Dancing to be offensive. This film had a decent story and decent performances, but it is a tribute to the music and the era in which the film is set. It is a journey back in time for many to enjoy, such as my older sister. 
For younger audiences, it is a curiosity of the Eighties that looks at the Sixties. I´ve seen this film more times than I want to admit to. Oddly, I still find myself enjoying it.

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