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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fan Fiction -- Danny and Aiden

The website Fan Fiction is a forum where amateur writers can publish their own stories based on various movies and other genres. The website has 184 fan-fiction stories about the movie Dirty Dancing.

Here I will summarize a fan-fiction story titled simply Dirty Dancing, written by Crowded Angels in 2005. This author, Crowded Angels, writes many fan-fiction stories about the television series CSI, CSI: Miami and CSI: NY.

This particular story is about two CSI: NY characters -- Danny Messer (played by actor Carmine Giovinazzo) and Aiden Burn (played by actress Vanessa Ferlito). Both characters are detectives working for the NY Police Department Crime Lab. Aside from their professional collaboration, the two characters have a platonic friendship, which sometimes seems on the verge of developing into a romantic relationship.
Aiden Burn and Danny Messer investigating a crime scene
on the TV series "CSI: NY"
This fan-fiction story does not mention CSI: NY or identify the two characters as detectives. The two characters are merely named Danny and Aiden (no last names), and they seem to be merely an ordinary boyfriend and girlfriend. I discovered the story's relationship to CSI: NY only from the reader comments and from the profile page of Crowded Angels.

Danny Messer and Aiden Burn studying evidence
on the TV series "CS: NY"
I liked this story even while still being unaware of its relationship to CSI: NY -- a TV series that I never have watched. I summarize the story as follows.


Danny and Aiden are sitting on a couch. Between them is a bucket of popcorn. They have just decided to watch Dirty Dancing on TV.

Danny remarks: "I can't understand why women love this film so much."

Aiden responds:
What's not to understand?

Cute guys: Patrick Swayze

Love story: Johnny and Baby

An awesome soundtrack: Hungry Eyes ... Time of My Life.

Danny teases Aiden by saying that he himself is cuter than Patrick Swayze. Aiden says that Patrick is cuter because he dances well. Danny makes fun of how Patrick talks.

When Baby and Penny are dancing together, however, he declares that he suddenly likes the movie -- because he is titillated by the girl-girl interaction.

Danny and Aiden joke about Penny's leotard.

When Baby and Johnny perform their dance at the other hotel, Danny declares: "That isn't so hard."

Aiden challenges Danny to show her how well he himself can dance. Danny takes Aiden's hand and dances with her. Aiden is surprised that Danny dances better than she expected. She giggles, however, that he obviously counts the music beats in his head.

As the movie continues on the television, Danny and Aiden continue to dance. When the song Cry to Me begins to play, Danny puts both his hands around Aiden's back, and Aiden puts both her hands around Danny's neck. Their dancing slows, their cheeks touch, and their two bodies became closer.

"They were so close together, Aiden feared Danny might feel her heart beating out of her chest. Her leg was between Danny's."

Danny kisses Aiden, but just once, just a peck.


I don't want to give away the story's ending. Read the whole story here.


One of the reader reviews says this:
Me and my sister saw it twice a day, every day for two weeks until my mother locked the video in a closet.

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